Saturday, 12 December 2015

This week.....

has been a short one due to travelling back from the wedding on Monday. Tuesday was spent in recovery mode and posting photos of the wedding and our time away.
Tuesday evening was our local patchwork group’s Christmas dinner in the dining room at our local hotel. I forgot the camera and took a couple on my phone, which are not quite the same. It was a lovely dinner with lots of lively conversation and much laughter. We don’t meet again until next February, but I am sure that time will go fast.

On Thursday it was our monthly Angels sewing day and the quilter got her act together and actually quilted some quilts. It felt good to clear the backlog which had been patiently waiting in the queue.

This morning I thought I would take advantage of the nice weather, and do some work in the garden before it gets too hot again. I had some bricks that I wanted to lay for an edge along the back lawn, and hope to add some screenings on the path area later. I had been out on Thursday afternoon and dug a trench for most of them….. (I had inadvertently left the sprinkler on that area that day, so the ground was very wet, and a good chance to dig the dirt to put the bricks in!) Only a few more bricks to do, so I was digging away with a little hoe, pick thingy and trying to be very careful because I knew there was a water pipe close by. But whoopsy, it only took one little dig, to put a hole in the pipe and I had instant spray irrigation!! Sad smileAnd of course it is Saturday, and a weekend. Thankfully the plumber took pity on me and came to fix my whoopsy and put a joiner in the pipe. And the positive in all this, I now know exactly where the pipe goes!! Winking smileThere always has to be a positive to balance out the negative, although sometimes you have to look hard.

Another project on my to-do list outside is to replace all the garden edging at the front of the house. This morning, after the water pipe was fixed and I had finished laying the bricks, I did one of the front edges. Bit hard to see in the photo, but I have put in galvanised crimped edging to replace the timber edge that was quite worn. Still have a lot to put in on the other side garden, but need to do some serious attacking of the couch and weeds first.

I am really enjoying spending time in the garden at my house and today is one of those glorious weather days to sit outside and look at it. In fact I took a book, and my lunch into the pergola and enjoyed the peaceful setting.

Following is a few photos taken in the garden this afternoon, and you can see there are lots of flowers from my recent plantings.

It was interesting to look at the Stats page of my blog and see that there were lots of visitors to my page after Bonnie Hunter posted about the Pink Retreat on her blog. Thankyou to all those who came and visited and especially to those who left me a comment. Unfortunately I can’t reply to some as they had no reply as their address. And also a welcome to some new followers of my page, and some of these also I am unable to contact. But welcome anyway. I know there are a lot that follow my blog that are not “official” followers, so thank you and welcome.

Maybe I should go and stand at Max and try to finish the custom that is loaded. I did all the SID yesterday, and now need to come to a decision about what to do in the blocks and borders. Next week I have a large applique quilt to do, and will welcome a couple of lovely ladies who are coming to stay "on this side of the road".

Blessings, From Jude

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Jean McGee said...

Your garden is looking beautiful and I commend you on the hard work you are doing to make it look so nice x