Thursday, 17 December 2015

The wedding quilt

 In reply to my question about what the newlyweds wanted for a wedding present, I was told that they would like a quilt!! Well, I think that could be organised don't you?
Then we had to discuss all the options, colour, style etc etc. For a girl who is not big into bright colour, I was not surprised to be told grey and white. So I set about buying a collection of different grey and whites and trying to get a good mixture of lights to darks.

 It has been an interesting time, working out what they wanted, (mostly from a distance), and for both of them to agree with the choices as well. (One wanted more random and one wanted some sort of pattern.) All agreed it was to be a quilt of squares only. So following the one who wanted some sort of pattern, and who played with the colours in EQ7, I laid out the squares as designed with definite greys and whites in a diagonal layout.

And then I sent a photo as above through the facebook message page for them to decide on. They are overseas on their honeymoon, and not available by phone, so facebook has some advantages. This is when I found out (and maybe they both did too!), that one wanted a pattern, and the other wanted more random! In order to get the pattern happening, I had left out the range of fabrics that were not all white or all grey. So now I brought out the following fabrics and changed things around, and took out a lot of whites and replaced with some a bit white and a bit grey!! And removed the darker greys so that it was more muted in colour, which I was expecting to do.

Now we have this laid out on the bed. This is only part of the quilt, but they need sort out what they want before I do it all. I am now waiting for a reply before I start stitching the squares together.

I did stand at Max this morning for some more SID on a large applique quilt, but the weather is heating up, and I need to work somewhere a bit cooler for the rest of the day. When it gets hot, I wilt! I know it's summer, but I feel so unmotivated when it's hot for a few days in a row.

This is a test post to see if I can make it easier to post to my blog from blogger until things sort themselves out (if they do) with Windows Live Writer. Will be back with another post soon.

Blessings, From Jude

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Sue SA said...

I always write my posts in blogger, so never used the program you mentioned, but hope the problem sorts itself out. I do know how to schedule posts in advance using blogger though, if that is any use to u! I am not a modern girl, but I am finding the grey and white very appealing....are they going to want fancy quilting? Too hot to do much here but lurk on the computer and drink cool drinks. Too soon into summer to have a heat wave, hope we dont get them all summer!