Tuesday, 8 December 2015

After the wedding….

If you have just come to my blog to read about THE wedding, and you like some sort of order to things, then you probably need to go down to the post titled Thursday and we are on our way and start there. Otherwise you are starting at the end of the weekend, which looks as though it was finished before it started!?? I had to post in smaller posts as this has taken me nearly all day, as there are so many photos. The posts come up in the order that I wrote them, and it was too complicated for me to start at the end and work towards the beginning!! Hope you enjoy my report of Susanne and Dan's wedding...........

On the Sunday, we had brunch for those who wanted to meet up again before they travelled home. The weather was still kind to us, and cloud cover kept the temperature down.
I have included some more photos taken at the wedding of various family and friends.
The LOVE sign was well used for photos.
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If you have read all the way through my posts for today, well done and thankyou for visiting my blog.
Am now back to the reality of work and the mundane things like unpacking, cleaning, putting out the rubbish and loading another quilt.
Last night there was a big thunderstorm and lightening which went most of the night. The power went off and on again about 3 times, but I had my eyes closed through most of it, trying to catch up on some sleep. Today the weather is much cooler than what they tell me we had while I was away. Tonight is our patchwork group’s Christmas dinner, so looking forward to that. And then tomorrow another quilt will be loaded onto Max as I have a couple more custom quilts to finish before Christmas. And speaking of Christmas, I have not even thought about that yet, but maybe I better do something very soon??
I am including a link below and hope it works for you to have a look at a little snippet of the wedding video, which the company has used on it’s advertising page. Can’t wait to see the longer version, and hope you can click on it.
Blessings, From Jude


Susan Smith said...

Yes, I've read the posts and browsed the photos and I'd say the days went well and the bride looked beautiful, as well as Mum. Well done on such long posts. We've just had a drenching for half an hour, probably your storm from last night and it does seem a bit cooler now, although the sun is out again. Take care.

Pauline Clark said...

What a beautiful Wedding, Judy you looked so lovely & so happy. The video was delightful & brought tears. Of course Susanne was a gorgeous bride along with her handsome groom. May they both have a lifetime of love & happiness together. xx

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

I read every word and enjoyed looking through the photos of your fabulous wedding weekend. I am struck by the love that absolutely eminates from both the handsome groom and the gorgeous bride. (Her dress... simply elegant and stunning!) Thank you for posting and for including the phenomenal film clip too. Congratulations, Mom; sit back and relax now. Can't you just feel the peace, love and joy that is Christmas settle around you now like a well-worn and cherished quilt? Hugs to you~

flossypatchedbritches said...

L-O-V-E! Says it all. Such warmth is evident in every photo. Thank you for sharing this very special family occasion on your blog. Your emotion in the video, as you showed your beautiful Susannah into the ceremony, was very moving. Your blessings are many. Have a joyous Christmas.