Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Saturday part one……

The bride and her attendants all had gowns to wear for the day, with their titles embroidered on the back. The hairdresser and the makeup lady both came to the house to work their magic on us all. It was a very peaceful day in a serene setting, and whilst it was warm outside, the temperature did not climb into the 40’s that were back at Bordertown.
A work in progress!
The bouquets were delivered sometime during the day. Even lunch had been ordered and was delivered to us. This was a well organised wedding day, that had been in planning for 12 months. Every detail had been thought of.
The gorgeous back yard which I am sure had a very calming effect on us all and was the perfect spot for photos. The backyard featured a large willow tree, and there was a special moment for us as we remembered an absent father, who planted a willow tree in every place we lived in.
We were visited by the birdlife that live in the many trees.
The video guys and the photographer setting up their shots. I am looking forward to seeing the “professional” photos.

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I will add a little note in here and tell you that the veil Susanne was wearing was what I wore at my wedding back in 1973, 42 years ago, so that was her something borrowed! (Funny that no one wants to wear my 70's style empire line long sleeve wedding dress though!) And during the service I read the same Bible reading that was read at my wedding.

And just before we were ready to leave the maid of honor received this phone message from the groom saying he was waiting and sending this photo. ( Of course we did not show the bride). Open-mouthed smile
We left in a limo soon after for the chapel at Stone’s Winery. More photos in the next blog post. The excitement was building!
Blessings, From Jude

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Susanne Simcock said...

What a lovely house that is! I would love to go back there one day!