Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Christmas is coming, ready or not.....

 I am still here working on that purple quilt, and trying to decide whether I should keep going to get it finished, or whether I should do something about Christmas shopping and come back to the quilt. Decisions, decisions. I think there are only 3 days until Christmas, so maybe......??

I did get my Christmas folder out on Sunday afternoon, and consulted my list. This folder has lists of who I send Christmas cards too, and who I have purchased gifts for, from way back in 1973. It also contains copies of my Christmas letters which I started to write and photocopy back in 1999. So it is a bit of history to read those letters. And a bit sad to read names of people who are no longer with us. I have done the cards and posted them, and made out the gift list, so that's a start.

It was lovely to see DD2 and family on Saturday.They were in town for a family Christmas on their dad's side. And I had the pleasure of GD1 spending the night with me. Sunday we went out to lunch with her other grandma, and it was good to catch up with her too.

After the long hot spell, it has been much cooler for a couple of days, and I have enjoyed the respite. But apparently it will be heating up again for the rest of the week.

Time to get back to Max, and do some more SID around the applique and think about this afternoon, and whether I should do some shopping or not??

Blessings, From Jude


jfoster8 said...

Have a lovely Christmas. I have 1/2 a quilt to go as well.Needed mid January so will go back to it when the dust has settled.
Hoping 2016 is a balanced year.....

Linda Steele said...

Merry Christmas, Hope you get to have a break after that busy wedding.