Wednesday, 14 October 2015

“Tis done


I am happy to report that the quilt has a hanging sleeve, and the binding is finished, although no label yet. I just hope that it hangs straight tomorrow.

It has been a conundrum trying to work out a name for this quilt. Labels such as “It’s very pink and green”, I am over pink and green”, “Queen of the last minute”, or just plain “Border quilt” came to mind, and a few that I won’t print! But as I finished the quilting last night, I decided that Feathered Roses would be very fitting, as the fabric has lots of roses, and there are lots of feathers quilted everywhere. Poor Pat, who was typing up the labels made a few changes, before I was told it was too late.

And I do think it is very pink and green, and I need to have a few days distance before I might like it again. I usually feel like that if it has been an intense or long job.


This is the final choice for my binding, and all folded ready for the morning.


I did have a welcome distraction to my day when Miss Bridie came to visit Grandma. She was not the happiest girl today, but this was the best photo of her, although not too sure about all those wrinkles Grandma! But, grannies are allowed to have wrinkles aren’t they?


Time to call it a day, ready for another early start tomorrow. Still have a bit of stuff to get ready to take to the Hall, and this room needs a good clean up as there are threads from a to b, or however that saying goes.

Blessings, From Jude

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Susan Smith said...

Well done and now enjoy the show as much as your tired body will allow. Look forward to seeing pics of the "quilt" hanging and the rest of the show. Take care.