Saturday, 3 October 2015

And the journey continues…….

I am sorry for not getting this post written before I received a phone call last night from a friend wanting to know what was happening. I have been leaving a few teasing comments and curiosity got to her!
For the last couple of years I have talked occasionally of trying to find a balance in my life, and have been pondering about how to achieve this. It has been hard to do with all the things that have been happening in my life. It has been 5 years now since I purchased The Sanctuary and set it up for quilting retreats, and what an amazing 5 years it has been. We have had some great times at retreats, and I have met and made some beautiful friends. Trying to keep up with running 2 business’, (the retreats and the quilting), and maintaining 2 houses has been stressful, and when I walked back across the road to where I live, it looked as though no-one even lived there. And then throw in some health issues, and I had to make a hard decision. Earlier this year I spoke to a real estate agent about selling The Sanctuary. And then I waited on God’s timing if and when it was to happen. I did have bookings for most of the year, and I have been able to keep them all except one. In June I signed a contract with a 3 month settlement for the end of September. The timing of it all has been perfect.
The last month has been very busy, with still keeping up with the quilting, and moving things from the shed, and the garden while still having the Pink Retreat, and the Jamestown girls last weekend. As soon as they left on the Sunday morning, it was action time. Family members were home and mostly the furniture was walked across the road! Even the little people helped. GD3 was here and also helped, but I seemed to have missed photographing her in action. Thanks to all the helpers.
This was the scene at the Pink retreat, ….
And last weekend to this……
Seated at the table for the High Tea…..
And now this…..
All has been moved….
over the road to this……
The washing machine and dryer have been working overtime this week, as I have washed all the bedding etc. It has been “fun” trying to work out where to put everything. It has been time to sort out stuff, and I have replaced all the beds at my house with the better beds from The Sanctuary. The sorting out will be an ongoing process, for after our exhibition. Still lots of quilts to finish.
Some things went home with DD2, who can see “posing” on one of the pews that was in the pergola. And a few potted plants went too.
This was the last load from over there, in my car.
And following are a few of the last photos that I took in the garden. October is usually the best month in the garden, but the rain was not as good this year.
And this is what I call Jill’s rose, and I was sad to leave this behind, but it was too big to transplant. It has taken 4 years to reach the top of the trellis.
A last mow and trim up by the “mowing man”, who has looked after the lawns for me for the last few years. Thankyou Dean.
This is the end of that part of the journey, and the lovely ladies who have been coming to The Sanctuary tell me they will still be coming, and next time will be staying on the other side of the road! I shall plan a schedule for 2016 and post it on the blog page for scheduled retreats. I hope to get back into the Embellished quilts classes so look out for more info on this. We will still have the Pick a case Mystery weekends, and the Statler girls tell me they will still be coming.
At the Pink Retreat, they made it a memorable “finale” for me. Raelene is a great poet, and she wrote the following poem for me and presented it at dinner at the Pink Retreat. And then presented me with a lovely gift and a card that all the girls signed messages in. I do hope you can read the poem.
Edited: I was told I need to print out the above words, and before any rumours start, you all know that Max is my longarm machine!

A Sanctuary with Love

We're here at the Sanctuary once more
A place of love that we adore
Our heartfelt thanks to Judy's care
Her love and faith make her rare.

Judy's vision of a retreat came true
With family and friends she saw it through
So many people have felt it's calm
Surrounded we are with all it's charm.

She's also a gal with a friend called Max
About this friendship we need the facts
Who't this bloke she keeps rushing to see
And for what, does he, keep charging a fee?

Now we're here to wish her well
Soon there will be new tales to tell
We'll help make 'em at her B & B
We'll come in droves - just wait and see.

This is the gift which I am to hang up in the pergola at No 8.
And these are the beds all set up ready to be slept in on my side of the road. Same beds, same quilts, just a different house.
It is time to do a few things to my house, which has been neglected, and I have plans to get the garden going again, and look after one house properly. (There is a fence going up at the side, and a new kitchen is on the agenda!) I am able to accommodate 6 people here, and have sewing facilities for 8. There will be a new routine, and hopefully a better balance in my life. No more “walking across the road”, but still the quilting and some retreats, on this side of the road. So while I am a tad sad at leaving that house with all the good memories, I am excited about the next stage and the things to come at this house. I have a long list of WIP's to finish off and a lifetime of photos to sort out. And family that are hours away to visit more. A wedding has been planned for December 5th, so I don't think life will be boring do you?
And a huge thankyou to all those friends and family who have helped me in any way at The Sanctuary. It was a real community effort by so many. Now the journey continues…..
Blessings, From Jude


Jean McGee said...

What an exciting time ahead for you and your family Judy! The time must be right for the major decision you have made but you will benefit in any ways and look forward to the future, the good times you had running the Sanctuary will always be wonderful memories to look back on.
Great photos and good to see the little people taking part, at least you have all your "stuff" in one place now and can sort as you feel like it.
Look forward to seeing you again sometime in the new year. XxxJean 😃

Susan Smith said...

I had been wondering about a couple of 'moving' snippets and just thought I'd missed something (having been not well for a month), but now I know. Once the show is out of the way I'll give you a ring. Do hope that this will take some stress out of your life and make things easier. I don't know how you managed to run 2 homes anyway, as I have enough on my hands with just one and don't quilt for anyone any more either. Take care and enjoy the new phase in your life.

jfoster8 said...

What a huge decision that must have been......the right one for you , but still a difficult one.

Michele Hill said...

Beautifully written Jude….see you tomorrow x

Sue SA said...

Well done Judy, it was a great retreat venue which I really enjoyed, but glad you have reduced the pressure on yourself so you have more time for family and yourself. Also good timing as watering two gardens this year....I have started watering mine already it has been so hot!