Sunday, 11 October 2015

Quilting update


It’s time for a few more quilt photographs before I get to the sewing machine this morning. I have been up since 5am, and I love to be up and listening to the birds as they welcome the new day. The sprinklers are going to water the very dry garden.

First is the Pick a case Mystery quilt that Rosie started back in June. She is very pleased with her quilt, which has been quilted all over with Dancing Hearts.


And this is Pat’s candle-wicked quilt that she has made for her daughter. (This is the 4th of 5 to be made, as she has 5 daughters!) It was hard to get good photographs, and I will try again when it is hanging up at the exhibition next week.






This Fractured Circles quilt of Michelle’s was also hard to photograph. The morning light is always better, but this was taken in the afternoon, and in a hurry because she was coming about an hour later to pick it up. The days until the exhibition are closing in now. I will also try to photograph this one better when it is hanging.


This quilt took awhile for it to speak to me. When I first saw it I could see the circles and part circles that were happening. Later I saw the square elements and right angles in amongst the circles. So I picked out some of them and featured those and then treated the circles in the other parts. Hope you can see in this photo, you may need to click on it and enlarge it. When I took the angles out into the black border, I was not happy with the coloured thread on the black. So, I unpicked the coloured thread back to the border edge, and used a black thread, which meant joining up the pattern!! Some people are their own worst critics!! But it meant that I was much happier with the end result, and so was Michelle.


I have now finished the quilts that I need to do for customers for our exhibition, (although I have a nice queue of other very patient customers), and can start to finish the remaining 2 borders on my own quilt. And hopefully this afternoon I will be loading that onto Max for a custom quilting job. This quilt is about 95” square and then I have the do the binding!! Hope to be finished this by Wednesday evening! Rolling on the floor laughing

The machine is calling, and the sprinklers need to be moved.  Bye for now.

Blessings, From Jude


Sue SA said...

Amazing custom job Judy, the quilting really helps to bring it to life.

Jean McGee said...

Two beautiful quilts, Pat's daughter should be very happy with hers. Lot of hand sewing in that one. Jeanxx

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Amazing quilting on these, you inspire me! Can't wait to see you challenge quilt all bordered up and quilted!