Wednesday, 7 October 2015

This and that update


Last weekend saw a few friends come to Number 8 for a weekend of finishing things ready for our exhibition, which is coming up really fast now. I still have another border to do on my quilt yet, and about 5 quilts to do for others. I am not counting how many days there are until hang up day on the 15th!! A few early mornings will work wonders I hope. It is a lovely time to be up, listening to the chorus of the birds as they start the day. Yesterday it was a 4.30am start, but am slack this morning and it was 5am.

I have a bit of computer stuff to attend to and by 6.30am I should be standing at the machine. Smile

This is the “new” sewing area, and it all worked quite well I think. There is room for 8 machines.


Saturday evening was a Chinese meal and a toast to the new venture.


This was what Pat was working on, and she was hoping to get it finished for the quilt show, but as she also has the job of typing up all the labels and planning the set up of the quilts, I rather think this might make the next exhibition??


Val was sewing her Pink Scrappy Trips and adding the borders.


And this is the finish, and now waiting for the quilter!


Marie was sewing a One Block Wonder in black and white.


Helen is also working on her One Block Wonder quilt, but it is not planned to be finished for the show this year.


The first few rows being put together.


Jocelyn was sewing a binding.


And yours truly was working on her braid border, and this is now sewn on the quilt. Was intending to sew a dark green on next before the last border, but I am a bit short of fabric, so not sure just what I am doing next! Need time to visit the fabric shop I think.


Monday we had a quick visit from Michele and Larry who were on the way back to Adelaide from Melbourne. Michele is our guest at the exhibition next week, (yikes, did I say next week!!??), and she delivered a few of her quilts for us for a display. Michele will be opening the quilt show on Friday afternoon, October 16th. Plan a day or so and come and see us.


The weather last weekend can only be described as horrible. To have a temperature of 39 at the beginning of October is awful. The country side is suffering, and the winds were strong. And there seems to be sign of rain.

This is what I have on Max at the moment, and was made by Pat for one of her daughters. See the amazing hand stitching!



And I just had to post another photo of our little girl, and look how fast she is growing up!


Time to get to the machine. I have lots of quilts to post soon, so stay tuned for more newsfromjude when I need a break from standing.

Blessings, From Jude


Susan Smith said...

Wow, you are going to be busy, so please take care and time out for you (just a little will do). Look forward to seeing pics of the show. Yes, the last few days have been a shocker and our temps only got to 35/36, but we've fires burning between here and Melbourne again, and the dust and smoke yesterday was awful. Happy quilting.

Sue SA said...

Busy, busy! Hope you get everything done for the exhibition. I was hoping to come over but not sure now, as there seems to be something on every weekend this month!

Jean McGee said...

Your new little person is growing fast and looking beautiful. Your life will centre down soon I hope and you can have some time to relax. Xx. jean