Monday, 12 October 2015

My quilt is on…..


I think I mentioned last week that I needed some more fabric for one of the borders. I was cutting this green 1 1/2” wide and was about 15” short. I have not had time to visit the local shop to see if I could match the green, but did have another piece left over that was 1” wide. And I am getting to the stage of not really loving this quilt, so decided to join the 1” piece which made up what I needed into 1 1/2” wide.


And this is how much I had left over after I did that!! Must have been meant to be. Smile


But now I had a seam in the centre of a part of my border, which I was not real happy about. But,as they all say when there is a problem with the quilt,the quilter will fix it!        Winking smileAnd I have heard a lot of people say that to me. And I know that the next photo is a bit blurry, but this quilter has stitched a line through the centre of that border and now you can’t even see the join!!


This is how is looked when I switched off Max last night. You can see the line I stitched through the centre of both green borders.


I still have a lot of quilting decisions to make as I go, and hopefully it will talk quickly to me today. I have allowed only 2 days to do this and it is 95” square. I then need to do the binding and the sleeve and tidy my house for weekend guests. And hanging of the quilts is from 8.30 am on Thursday morning.

So I better close this and stand with Max and continue quilting. Did I say I am a bit over pink and green?? This quilt was intended for a bed in my house, but after the change around with beds from the moving, I no longer have the queen size bed in my house, so will have to find a new purpose for this quilt.

Blessings, From Jude


Susan Smith said...

The 'clever quilter' did fix it!! Once it is all done, you may like it a bit better, but I know what you mean at times, that some quilts just don't do it for you. Your quilting so far is beautiful. Hope you get everything done this week and take care.

Sue SA said...

So impressed that you have nearly finished this quilt, as it was a long time UFO not that long ago, well done....especially considering you kept running out of fabric!

jfoster8 said...

looking good....working well under pressure.

Christina said...

Wow! Well done you! The quilt looks fabulous, however I can relate to your feeling
"a bit over it" that can happen after working on something for a while, but you will love it again. My goodness Jude the pressure is really on. Good luck.