Friday, 11 September 2015

The special quilt

Last week I mentioned that I was working on a special job for the weekend. The following photos are what I did. One of the members of our group started hand piecing a hexagon quilt about 10 years ago. It was almost finished and only needed the edges to be done. This lady is undergoing treatment for some serious health issues and is not able to finish her quilt. Another member offered to finish the hand work on the quilt, and last weekend it was time for the quilting. Another member made the binding with leftover pieces of the colours in the quilt. And another lady has now taken it home to bind.




It seems to have been the year for hexagon quilts, as I have quilted about 5 this year, all hand pieced.

This lady is so pleased to see her work being finished, but also quite humbled.  It was a pleasure to do this for her, and just maybe, someday, someone will finish one of my quilts. It is a scary thought to think that I might not be able to sew one day.

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Sue SA said...

Love this quilt and the fact that her friends helped her finish it when she couldn't. But I am quite convinced that I am never not going to be able to sew...I might have dementia and be in a nursing home, but I am sure that my subconscious will move those fingers somehow, even if my brain doesn't translate the message properly! The staff will be finding hidden rotary cutters and fat quarters in my bedroom!