Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Quilting catchup


I thought I better check in this morning and post something. I know there are a few waiting for a report on the Pink Retreat, which was another fantastic weekend, but time is a bit short this week and that will come later. Meanwhile here are a few more photos of recent quilting.

First is Pauline’s quilt that was made in the recent Pick-a-case Mystery retreat, which is called Apricot Delight, and quilted all over with A Tisket a tasket.


And this is Pat’s quilt, also made in the same retreat, called The Sand and the Sea, and quilted all over with curling waves.


This is Marie’s quilt that was made in my Embellished Quilts classes. Marie was adamant that she did not want to make a quilt, and was going to do several cushions to try the techniques. This is the finish, and you can see it is a quilt, and not cushions! A lot of the fabric has been dyed by Marie, and some stencilled too. I will be teaching these classes again next year, and hoping to finish some of my own that have been started.


This is a scrap quilt made by Kath, and custom quilted.


Beth made this quilt for a niece, and the colours are very striking. This was quilted all over with Square Spirals and has given it a nice texture.


It is time to pin the next quilt on and get busy. I have been up since 4.30am again. There is so much going around in my mind and I am not sure where to start first. The sheets from 10 beds are waiting to be folded and put away,  the quilting continues and lots of other stuff going on as well. I will be back in a few days with news of the Pink Retreat and lots more of what is happening in newsfromjude.

Have a good day,

Blessings, From Jude

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Jean McGee said...

Beautiful quilts Judy, you are a busy lady but seem to keep up with things. Thanks for the great weekend. 🌞