Wednesday, 30 September 2015

This and that


Just a few random things in the newsfromjude this morning.

First is a photo of what Raelene received from the giveaway last month. Sorry it has taken me so long to show this. It is a pattern and a craft storage bag, and I gave this to Raelene when she was at The Sanctuary for the Pink Retreat.


Each year there is somewhere in the state, and this year it was held in Bordertown. Over 300 women attended from all areas of the state, and 9 lovely ladies from Jamestown stayed at The Sanctuary. It was great to meet you girls, and thankyou for the lovely pressies you left for me.


The weekend was also a time to spend with some of my family, and a few photos follow.


A fun game of cards on Saturday evening!



Someone has a birthday next weekend, and we had a birthday cake just a bit early!


The cake was decorated with a toy jet ski, as Dan has “real” one.


And it was nice to spend some time with this little girl, who is growing up so fast. Almost got a smile, and she was trying to talk. This was the first visit to Grandma’s house. She is 9 weeks old now.


That’s all for now. I hope to finish the custom quilt before lunch today. Then a few quick ones, before I spend time on the weekend putting the borders on my quilt ready for the quilter to do before our exhibition. It is the 1st October tomorrow, and the quilts need to be ready to hang up on the 15th October!!!! This quilter still has a few custom to do for others yet also!!!

Blessings, From Jude


jfoster8 said...

"Your"quilter is going to be very busy.....

Jean McGee said...

Beautiful photos of your family, hope all went well with move across the road . Regards, Jean 😃

Susan Smith said...

Lovely family photos, Judy. Take care.