Friday, 11 September 2015

A touch of spring


A few months ago I mentioned the package of bulbs that had been “patiently” waiting on the pergola table to be planted. They had been so determined to grow that they were shooting in the package. I hurriedly planted them in a few spots in the garden at the house where I live. Last weekend when I was loading some wood in the wheelbarrow, I noticed that they were flowering!! We had a very heavy downpour of rain, which was over in a flash, but it was enough to send my poor daffodils almost to ground level. I decided that they were too pretty, so I cut them and “arranged” them in a vase on the kitchen table. My floral arranging skills leave a lot to be desired as you can see, but they smell lovely and look nice on my table. And one of my readers might recognise the table runner that they are sitting on. Thankyou Sue.


I had not realised that daffodils come in so many colours and varieties. I always thought they were just yellow.



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Sue SA said...

Such pretty flowers...hmm the table runner is dull and dreary! You need one in spring colours!!