Saturday, 9 May 2015


was a day filled with so much. At daylight yesterday morning my “wood delivery man” unloaded another supply of wood into my shed. I love the heat that warms my whole house and who needs to watch TV when you can sit in the chair and watch the fire. Although I must say that I don't sit and watch it very much. (The fire, or the TV!) I do have TV in my work room, but hardly ever turn it on.

Good friends left yesterday to travel to Perth to see their new grand daughter, and called in to say good bye, and leave me an early pressie. I wish them safe travels and thanks for calling.
And then some more lovely friends stopped at Bordertown for lunch on their way to Ararat. I met them at the local bakery, where we had a good catchup. Thanks for stopping and especially your lovely gift. It is beautiful.
Another friend called in yesterday and spent time making new covers for 2 ironing boards, which needed some more padding. There is a workshop at The Sanctuary next weekend, and the irons might have a lot of use, so thankyou to Helen.
If I had done this, I probably would have just laid some extra wadding under the cover, but Helen has done a grand job and made fitted padding. I have washed the other covers and will put them back on over the top of this. I have lots of quilted samples up on the top shelf, which Helen cut to fit. Thankyou so much!
And in between all the lovely distractions I finished quilting this quilt. It is Gypsey Kisses and I will take a larger photo after I have removed the basting stitches that I put in the borders. Very bright and bold fabrics.
And now I remember that another friend phoned as I was going out, and I told her I would phone her back, and maybe this morning I need to do that.
Today I am on a mission to start on some edge to edge quilts (!!!!!) and write the instructions for another mystery quilt. I think maybe I need to sweep the threads and fluff from the floor and wave the duster around my room too. I can ignore this for a few days, and then I just need to have a cleanup before I can start another lot of quilts, and today is the day.
Have a good day, whatever and wherever you are.
Blessings, From Jude


Sue SA said...

dusting is my least favorite chore and the only downside of a woodfire....but I still wish we had a wood heater on these chilly nights - gas is convenient but not the same heat!

Susan Smith said...

I'm with Sue and love woodfires, but haven't had one for many years. Not sure where I'd put one in our new house. I love the idea of using practice pieces for my ironing board padding. Thank you and take care.

Hellie said...

My pleasure. Part of my Scottish ancestry to use something for other than its original use. Will enjoy using next weekend

Michele Hill said...

I want one of those ironing board covers please Helen…but maybe in black thanks! just kidding but well done! And indeed it is always lovely catching up with you Jude xxx