Thursday, 7 May 2015

This and that…..


Viewers Choice Award

I received a phone call from an excited lady last Sunday, to tell me that her quilt Faye’s Finale, received 1st in Viewers Choice Awards at the Horsham Quilt Show last weekend. This was the Sue Daley quilt, Antique Sampler that I posted about last week. Below is one more photo taken after I finished the quilting.


The Shirt Workshop

Our local patchwork group held a workshop with a difference last weekend. Usually we have quilt workshops, but this time Kerryn Brand came to town to show us how to make a shirt to fit our size. The first step was showing how to adjust the pattern so that it would fit our unique shapes. The class of enthusiastic ladies enjoyed themselves immensely, and most were almost finished by the end of the weekend. Thankyou Kerryn for coming down and making a fun filled weekend




A wide variety of fabrics and detailing was chosen by the girls.








The weekend flew by and Monday morning Kerryn was packing her car to leave. I have known Kerryn for awhile now as we both attend Valuation Panel meetings, but having her stay with me enabled us to  get to know each other better. Pat also stayed and there was lots of late night chatter each evening


Kerryn is also the lady in charge of the Quilt Encounter committee, and she would love to hear from you if you were interested in attending some classes. Quilt Encounter is a live in quilt camp held at Immanuel College in Adelaide in July. It is always lots of fun and a chance to do classes with some great teachers. Click on the link above to find out more.

A Head to the Border finish!

This is the first finish in this project. Lois only had the binding to sew when this photo was taken, and it’s probably done by now. She is on a mission to finish as they will be joining the “grey nomad” brigade in June and travelling for a few months. Our exhibition is in October, so it is ready for that now.


Autumn Leaves

It seems like autumn is a bit earlier this year, as the leaves have almost fallen from the tree already. This time last year, it was still full of leaves.


Wired up

I have just spent the last 24 hours “wired up” to this little box, that had a blood pressure monitor attached to it. Interesting time having your arm blown up at regular intervals all day and night. I am looking forward to a good night’s sleep tonight, when I will be able to roll over onto my side.


A Special Delivery!

This box was delivered today, and look what I found. My blog book for 2014 has arrived. It is much heavier than my other 2, so I must be writing a bit more these days. Even though the days just disappear and I get reminders that I need to blog, I must be doing it more.


Well that is probably enough newsfromjude for now. I have spent most of the week quilting a double wedding ring quilt, which I shall photograph for you soon. I am working on a few custom jobs this week, and still cutting and writing mystery quilts. My proof reading and checking lady has been again today, and has caught up to me, so better get busy. It is only 4 weeks until the Mystery weekend! There are still a couple of spots left if you would like to join us. Would love to hear from you!

The Magic Mosaic retreat with Heather Ridley is coming up very soon, and there are 8 participants for this workshop.

Catch ya again soon,

Blessings, From Jude


Jean McGee said...

Once again Judy, lots of interesting news and beautiful photos, x😃

Sue SA said...

Fayes quilt was first in viewers choice and my wall hanging (All Aussie Creatures) was fourth...funny that you would have featured both on your last blog post! The shirts look lovely and it would be nice to get one to fit just right....but my next task is making art smocks for two boys!!