Friday, 29 May 2015

I am still here

Last night I spent ages writing a post and putting up lots of photos and when I hit publish there was an error!! You might have heard me from your place. (Well not really, but I was not happy). So I switched the computer off and went to bed, hoping that things might work in the morning. But, no such luck.
It has been awhile since I posted direct from my blog page, as it took ages for the photos to download. So then I used Picasa, which worked really well. Until one day, that told me there was a problem with my cookies, or something like that!
So then I found Windows Live Writer, and have used that for quite a long time, well, until last night! Now it tells me that there is an error! Don't know what to do now.
I have been aware that it is over a week since I last blogged, and thought I would do that last night, before I had an email, or a phone call reminding me. And I had lots of things to post about too. Been writing a list. You may just get a brief outline this morning, with very few photos until I sort things out, if I can.
(Even if you don't want to know what's newsfromjude, I still want to get it online so that I have a record of happenings for my book). Computers are great when they do what you want, aren't they?

It has been another very full week again.

Since my last post I have been "up" the highway a couple of times.

First was a trip to Murray Bridge (2 hours away) for a funeral. Funerals are usually sad occasions, to say good bye. And this one was sad in the fact that my mother's cousin has been very sick in the last year of his life. But it is good to know that now he is in pain no longer, and he has gone to be with His Lord. He was farewelled by family and friends in a service of celebration for his life of 79 years.
Funerals usually are also an occasion to catch up with family and friends that you don't see much, or have not seen for years, and this was certainly that for me. In spite of the sadness, it was also a great day of reminiscing with many people from my childhood years.

On Monday I had my annual appointment for my mammogram, and I am pleased to say that I have reached the 7 year milestone! This checkup is usually booked one year in advance, and each visit the same ladies seem to attend. It is good to see familiar faces each year, and we sit in the waiting room, all with our pink gowns on, and compare notes about our treatments etc. And then you give the "thumbs up" on the way out if you get an all clear result.

Last week was the AGM of our local patchwork group. I have been nominated in the same position as last year, and the few years before that. It is not a too hard job! (Don't think that is very good English, but you get the meaning!) I am Programme Coordinator, so organise classes from visiting teachers for the group. This weekend it is our annual retreat at a nearby campsite. Cockatoo-Downs-Farmstay is where we are off to. This used to be called Pendleton Farm and has recently been taken over by new owners.

Early in May I reported on the shirt workshop that was taught by Kerryn Brand. Yesterday I had a visit from Marie, who was wearing her new shirt! This was made with fabric that Marie Indigo dyed.  I took this photo to send to Kerryn to see the results, but thought I might share it with you too.

I might finish off this post now, and come back later with more newsfromjude. I have lots of photos of the meeting I went to on Saturday to show you, but I can seen it will take awhile to post them. I have also had visitors at The Sanctuary, and managed to finish a few quilts this week. And there will be more news on the progress of the Paper bag Mystery quilts.

Have a great day, and catch ya soon.

Blessings, From Jude

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