Friday, 29 May 2015

More quilts

Blogger is still playing funny, and I can't even log into the page on my desktop computer. For some strange reason I can still get into my blog on my laptop, so will post some quilt photos while the going is good!

First up is a mystery quilt made by Julie, in a class with Faye. I love the colours with the black background.

 This quilt was made by Jill, and is to go on the bed in her new caravan that is arriving very soon. Then Jill will be travelling to Queensland to see family. This is Jill's first quilt, and she has done a very good job. Very simply custom quilted.

Time to get back to some more Mystery quilts. I have finished all the cutting and writing the instructions, and waiting for my checking lady to arrive. Then it will be time to reprint the instructions and package up all the little cases ready for next weekend. I can't wait to see them all ready and lined up. Will be back with a photo when I have got that far.

Blessings, From Jude


Sue SA said...

Might be time to get to take the pc to the IT fix it wiz? I am no good with computers, but seems to me that if it doesn't work on the PC but does on the laptop...there must be something wrong on the PC rather then with the software? Good luck!
The quilts are lovely, like the arrow design, that would look good on a number of different themed quilts.

Susan Smith said...

I'm having some problems too, with commenting on blogs and thought it was because we moved and didn't have internet for over a week, but maybe there is some sort of glich here at the moment. Haven't tried to do a post yet, so will see how it goes. I can't do a post on this old laptop, as I've never done any updating on it. That first quilt is lovely and puts my first one to shame, back in 1977 (giggle).Have a great weekend and take care.