Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Quilt catch up

Once again I am a tad behind in posting quilt photos. These are the last of September quilting.  Life just seems to be so full of “stuff”, I don’t know where time is going. The whole year has just flown by, and we are heading full throttle to the end of the year. My good intentions at the start of 2014 was “balance”, but it has been very unbalanced instead. I do hope to have some “timeout” very soon, to catch up on stuff not done, and to “smell the roses”. I do dream of spending a couple of days reading a book, and sitting outside in the pergola and listening to the birds. But, still lots to do before that can happen.
This quilt was made by Frances, and she wanted lots of custom quilting.
This is Jenny’s simplified version of Storm at Sea, quilted all over with a wind pattern.
This is Jo’s quilt, Scrappy Log cabins, quilted with an edge to edge pattern called Shale.
And this is Annabel’s quilt, with an all over Modern Loops, which has turned out fantastic. Lovely texture that was great to rub your hands over! And this Annabel’s first quilt, and it’s great to see the younger generation making quilts.
Will be back with more quilt photos another day, although must admit to not getting many done in October. Too many other things were happening!
Blessings, From Jude

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Sue SA said...

Great eye candy, especially like the modern quilt, that pattern really sets it off.