Monday, 13 October 2014

Another update

As it is 3 weeks since the Pink Retreat, and I have only posted quilt photos, I decided another post was in order. I had intended to do this in the morning, before the day got underway, as I am normally an early riser. But, as I am still awake at almost midnight, I might be a late starter tomorrow. I have been to bed, and was almost asleep and the phone rang. I have a phone right beside my bed, and can answer without getting up, but that seemed to put paid to my sleep, and I tossed for another hour before I decided I may as well get up and put the time to good use. (You may be the judge as to whether blogging is a good use of time!) I normally don’t have any trouble sleeping.
Life has been very full lately, and I think I have so much going around in my mind, it’s hard to know where to go first. Below are a few photos from my garden, as they are fast disappearing with the season we are having this spring. There has not been much rain, and not much forecast soon, which is unusual for this district. We have had more than our share of very strong winds, with associated falling branches etc. I don’t think the farmers would be very happy with how the season is shaping up.
Looks like I have a lot of pink in the garden.
Have been catching up on quite a few quilts, some of which had to be finished for customers to hang up in the Kaniva Quilt Show, which is on next weekend. October 18 and 19, at Kaniva, just over the border into Victoria. It will be worth a visit if you are close by.
We have had a visit to Bordertown by a sewing machine mechanic, who worked on machines at The Sanctuary. Was great to have someone come here to do this. My overlocker has had it’s first service ever. Won’t say how many years I have had it.
Some more quilt photos below.
First one by Sherrel, which I custom quilted.
And this bright, very large beauty was made by Sue, and quilted allover.
And another large and bright quilt, made by Sue’s sister, which I basted ready for her to machine quilt.
South Australia had a long weekend last weekend, and the biannual Australian Machine Quilting Festival (AMQF) was held in Adelaide, at the Convention Centre. I debated long and hard about whether I could afford the timeout to go to this, and put off registering for classes. I finally decided that I would just go for a day and do one class and check out the vendor mall and see what’s new out there in our industry. But after I registered and booked in to my class, I realised that the vendors did not open until that evening, so I would not see that, or the quilt show. So I decided to stay overnight and do 2 days and 2 classes. It was a good opportunity to do a class with an overseas tutor who was teaching Statler in Adelaide. I am sorry that I was unable to manage being there for the whole Festival and help out as a volunteer as well. It’s always a great time of networking and sharing with other machine quilters. And the Quilt Show put on by the AMQA was amazing, and I would have liked more time to spend looking the quilts.
This is the tram that took Elaine and I into the city for our classes. Certainly beats driving your car and having to pay for parking. I was surprised just how many people they pack into the trams though! I have seen photos of trains in India that are packed to the rafters, and thought I could have been in India, but at least there were no people on the roof of this tram! Winking smile
The water fountain in Victoria Square.

The classroom was set up so that we could all see the screen and watch what the tutor was doing on her machine with Creative Studio.

And this is Kelly Gallagher-Abbott from America working on the Statler, and teaching us some great information. I was tempted to stay longer and do her other classes, but…..

This was where we had lunch, overlooking the Torrens River, with the new walkway bridge leading to the newly developed Adelaide Oval. The weather was lovely for sitting outside and watching the world go by, just for little while.
And this is Elaine, we were waiting for our delicious lunch to arrive, sorry forgot to photograph it before we ate it!
And this is my Mum and Dad, who I visited on my way through to the city.
Our local church received a new minister in August. Two sermons that I have heard recently have been very thought provoking and have spoken very loudly to me. One was on Good Intentions, and I know I definitely suffer from that. And this morning was an Invitation to God’s Banquet. Another great message on whether we will accept this invitation. Very challenging. All comes back to that word BALANCE, which I am still working on, although not very successfully.
Have lots to do this week, working on the Paper Bag Mystery quilts. I am enjoying working on the designing process in EQ, using the collection of fabrics that I have purchased. Am nearly half way there, and have only 12 days to finish them. Still have 2 places left for this weekend if you would like to join us. All Bags have a different quilt design in them, and most of the fabrics are cut ready for you to start sewing.
Might not be back for awhile, so hope you have a great week, whatever you are doing.
Blessings, From Jude (who is hoping that sleep will come very soon)


Sue SA said...

I was awake at 4am worrying about things! I hear you about the need for I am off to sew today!
Your garden looks lovely and so do the quilts you have finished.

Susan Smith said...

Love what's in your garden and do miss my old garden. This one is just.... I don't know, but not right. Love the quilts too and glad you seemed to enjoy AMQF, but sadly I was still in UK and only arrived back last Thursday. I hope to get time soon to give you a quick ring. Take care.