Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Last of August quilts!


Better do a quick posting this morning before I get into the day. I have already had a comment about no blog post.

Am working on an intense job this week, lots of SID on 99 blocks that are 4”! And all on point, so might be working on this one for awhile. And am also working on more Paper Bag Mystery quilts. There’s nothing like a deadline is there? Have lots to blog about that’s been happening, but this morning I will just post these quilt photos from back in August. I can’t believe just how fast time seems to be going. My word for the year in 2014 was supposed to be “balance”, but I don’t seem to have made much progress yet, and I am almost over being so busy.

First quilt was made by Helen, and quilted all over with Starret.


This is Sherrel’s Bedford Mystery quilt, which was made larger with more of her scraps, and a piano key border. It was quilted all over with a pattern called Flutterbyte.


This was made by Mary, a very striking pattern in 3 colours, with edge to edge quilting.


Another Bedford quilt, made by Val, and also made larger.


Made by a friend of Lorraine, and quilted allover with Dancing Hearts.


This quilt was started by Jenny many years ago, and finally finished. A pattern by L’il Blokes called Teddy Bears Picnic, and custom quilted.


Also made by Jenny and quilted all over with Sassy.


Made by Chris, very effective in the reds, black and white, and quilted with a pattern called Pearl.


Made by Kath, and custom quilted.


Sorry for the delay in posting August quilts in October. Will try to keep up in future, but there just seems to be so much happening that time just gets away. If someone could “invent” extra time, I think they would make a fortune, as everyone seems to want more of it.

That’s all for today, time to hang out the washing and get Max started for a day at the machine.

Blessings, From Jude


Sue SA said...

More beautiful work!

Susan Smith said...

They all look great Judy and never worry about not posting as we all seem to lead busy lives and with other things that happen. I've not posted because of the slow internet in UK and will have to catch up now that we are home. Take care.