Saturday, 25 October 2014

A week later


Time for another update, and this morning I feel much more relaxed, and a bit lost not having another design to write up, or fabric to cut. The last Paper Bag was still being done yesterday afternoon. Once again, the “last minute” queen. I must thank Pat, and Lois for their help in reading my instructions, and counting pieces of fabric. So by 4pm on the Friday afternoon, there were 15 Paper Bag Mystery’s all done.

In between doing the bags this week, The Sanctuary was visited by 6 lovely ladies from Tailem Bend, who worked on their Bedford Mystery Quilts. Photo below is of their finished results. It was a first for some, to do a scrap quilt, and their inclination was to “match” fabrics. But it is amazing by the finish to see just how well all the scraps go together, and a border just finishes them off. Maybe we are too picky deciding on “just the right” fabric colours, and just need to look at the colour value instead. I know for me it takes a bit of practice to step outside my comfort zone. My stash of scraps has grown to be quite large, after a few years of sewing, and I would love to finish my PHD’s and just work on scrap quilts, in the style of Bonnie Hunter.


Relaxing in the pergola, before they left for home. Thankyou for coming girls, and do hope to see you again one day. With a group at The Sanctuary during the week, I am a bit confused today, as to what day it actually is, as it felt like a weekend. A bit like having 2 weekends, one after the other?


Not sure just what these flowers are, but they have taken over a large area of the garden, growing right over other plants, and are making a lovely display at the moment.



And a few hours after the Tailem Bend girls left, another group arrived for the Paper Bag Mystery Retreat. They have come from Adelaide, Beachport, Kaniva, Bordertown. Naracoorte and Phillip Island. Thankyou girls for  coming, and especially to Gayle and Lyn who drove almost 8 hours to get here! Above they are all waiting for the allocation of the bags, which was a bit of fun, passing them from right to left and across the table a few times. And then they had to decide if they were happy or wanted to swap out with the spare bags that we had. And then the show and tell of what they picked, and worrying if it was easy or not?!


The weather is lovely this weekend, and as we have a group of 12, it will be dining out in the pergola time. And with 12 ladies, there is lots of chatter. Quite a few did not know each other, but it did not take long before they were friends. I love to see the interaction between them all.

I will be back soon, to show some more quilts, and report on another visit that I had by a couple of ladies some days ago. It’s time to head for the shower, and organise some more food for lunch. Looking forward to watching the quilts being made, and hoping I have not “stuffed up” in the measurements and cutting for the quilts.

Catch ya,

Blessings, From Jude

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Sue SA said...

I am sure everyone is having fun and that the cutting was accurate!