Friday, 5 September 2014

I am still here


Just thought I better let you know I am still here. Will post a few quilt photos this morning, and be back with a longer update on the last 2 weeks soon. So much has been happening, I don’t know where to start.  Have lots more photos and other news.

This quilt was made  be Christina, and it was very large. Custom quilting would have cost quite a bit, and it had all that empty space around the border. So I did an e-e and quilted a pattern called 30’s flower by Vicki Malaski, in a soft blue thread colour. This filled in the empty borders very nicely, so that they did not look so empty after quilting. Christina was very happy.


This quilt was given to Christina by a friend, and was very busy. I did a point to point pattern in the triangles, and customed the centre square.


This was made by Kath, and is the Birds and Berries Block of the Month pattern.


This quilt was one of a few made by Linda for another lady, using the shirts from her husband, who had passed away. The quilts are for children in memory of their father. What a great idea.


And this quilt was made by Karen, and quilted all over with Butterflies and swirls.


Am off “over the road” to join the girls that are staying. The Quilters Guild Valuation Panel are here for a training retreat.

Since I last posted I think spring has arrived, although the weather is a bit chilly again this week, and the nights very cold. We had a little rain, but would like a lot more to finish the season.

Catch ya,

Blessings, From Jude

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Sue SA said...

Have a fun weekend sewing! Love seeing your customer quilts, thanks for sharing.