Saturday, 23 August 2014

The Last of July quilting


Just a bit more catching up with a few photos of the last of the July photos, before the end of August gets here!

This is Sherrel’s Paper Bag Mystery quilt, which was made with a Jelly Roll and a Layer Cake of the Old Glory Range of fabrics. And what could be more appropriate to quilt it with, but the Star Spangled Banner all over pattern?


Pat’s Amish Basket quilt, which was a custom quilting job, with all that empty plain space that was just asking for feathers. Pat and I were rather happy with the way this turned out.


Another of Pat’s quilts, a scrap mystery quilt that was made a few years ago. Pat is having a clean out and finishing things off. She wanted something simple but an allover was out of the question, due to the little “flippy” border. (Never sure just what to call them??) So I put a simple block pattern on each block and cross hatched the border.


This is Jenny W’s Christmas quilt, custom quilted.


A quilt made by Jenny S, from 2 kits that she purchased, and quilted allover with a meander pattern.


This was made by Val for her grandson, and every little boy loves cars.


Another pretty, simple jelly roll quilt by Jenny W.


This quilt belongs to Heather, and was made for her son, and was quilted with Lorien Quilting, Continuous Baptist Fan pattern. Love the texture of this.


Hope you enjoyed this morning’s quilt show, time for a shower, and then load the next quilt, which is another made by Jenny W.  Been on a mission this week to catch up again, after doing “other stuff”.

Hope you have a good weekend, where ever you are. Spring is trying to happen here in South Australia, although the mornings are still very cool and frosty.

Blessings, From Jude


Sue SA said...

More great quilts! Love those monster trucks!

Susan Smith said...

Great job Judy and they all look lovely. Take care.