Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Special visitors

The weekend before last some special people came to town. Miss 10 had a binding to finish, so that she could enter her quilt into a quilt show later this year. It was a job she was very pleased to get finished before she went home! She has done a great job with her quilt.



Miss 13 decided she would like to make a bean bag, so I found a pattern, and we went shopping to buy some corduroy, she went to work cutting and sewing.


And Mr 4 was very happy to try out the finished bean bag. Looks great in the chosen colours. I am amazed at how much “stuff” it took to fill it up. I had one bag of filler, and though that would be too much, but it wasn’t, so we found lots of pieces of wadding and chopped up stuff. It weighs pretty heavy now!


It was lovely to spend time with the grandies and could have been occupied for lots more days. We had a fire in the back yard pit, and I tried to take some photos, but the camera just told me, change the batteries.