Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Fathers Day

Last Sunday it was Father’s Day here in Australia, so I had a quick trip to see my Dad. He lives 2 hours away, and I arrived just in time for lunch. We had an impromptu “fish and chips by the river” lunch. It was a nice sunny day, although very windy. The seagulls always appreciate a few chips.


There is a lot of artwork from the local aboriginal people along the lawns by the river.





There is an old tale about a bunyip in the river, not sure if you can read this that explains it all. This is a tourist attraction that comes up out of the water when you put some money in the slot, and makes a scary noise. Well I think it would be scary if I was a little kid again!





Dad was interested in a vintage car parked at the river. Must have brought back some memories for him.



Murray Bridge was named for the bridge that crosses the river. There are actually 2 bridges, one for cars and one for trains, that cross the river in the town, and another one a few miles further down that is a more recent bridge that takes all the main traffic and bypasses the actual town now.


When I lived in Murray Bridge many years ago, there was continual debate about how to develop the land by the river, and this went on for many years. I can remember this land in the following photo all being a rubbish dump! I am pleased that they have finally done something and made it into a nice area for people. Just sad that it took so many years!


It was a lovely day out, something I have not done for awhile, and I felt like I had been let out of school. Had a little shop at a nursery and bought some plants for the garden, and a few more “pink” things for the pink auctions next week.

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Susanne Simcock said...

Looks like a lovely day :-) That bunyip doesn't look as scary now that Im all grown up