Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Learning to sew with modern technology

Not so long ago DD3 decided she would like to learn to sew, to make herself clothes and to be able to make alterations to outfits that don’t fit quite right.

So a couple weeks ago she purchased a sewing machine and a pattern and some fabric. I had investigated some local sewing machine dealers for her, so that she could have the after sales service and lessons for the machine. Unfortunately when she went to the shop, the 2 sales assistants did not offer any help, even when they were not attending to other customers, so she left the shop. They lost a sale and potential future sales of fabrics and lessons. Another business gained what they lost.

Then the fun began, trying to understand the pattern instructions and making the dress. A few cries for help to mum, but she managed very well. There is an amazing amount of free information and videos on the internet to teach anyone what they want to know. She is very happy with how the dress turned out, and has now started on another. This time it’s a bit more challenging, with waistband, and zip to sew.

susie sewing


Her partner has brought in a few things for her to mend, but not sure that will be quite as exciting. He even suggested she make him a shirt!! I reckon he will be waiting.

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Susanne Simcock said...

Hopefully I'll have another finished project to show you soon!… Still waiting for spotlight to get some more zips in…..
Also, can I just mention that I could NOT have done any of this without your help and expertise. THANKYOU xoxox