Monday, 31 March 2014

The street was busy…


this last weekend, with sewing activities at 2 houses. There was another weekend of Embellished quilt classes at my house, and The Sanctuary was occupied by a special group of ladies from Adelaide and Horsham, who met in the middle for a long weekend of stitching.

June is using up her stash of blue fabrics, making these ladies.


Lyn’s quilt will be in greys and whites.


Helen is making cream with pink and green for her daughter.


All concentration, decisions to make about what to put where, and what colour is next. And always good to get opinions from everyone, which helps you work out your ideas.


It was a special day for Pauline, and Helen made her a cake.


And this is the group “over the road”, who achieved lots in their 3 days, and I know one lady who did a bit of “reverse” stitching as well. Go to and read Sue’s report of her weekend.


I am running a bit late this morning, got up late, and still not showered or dressed for my day, so better get busy.

Be back soon with another blog posting. Have a good week.

Blessings, From Jude


jfoster8 said...

All go at your wonder you slept in...

Susan Smith said...

Wow, those houses have been busy and you must have super busy too.
Just take it easy for a few days if you can.

Sue SA said...

I took home the block I threw across the table, but it will get binned it was so "off", it cannot be redeemed! There are a few others that might make it into the backing or the bin also! That face I am pulling says it all!