Sunday, 2 March 2014

The taste of a real tomato


Sorry about the blurry photo, (tried to get too close, and don’t know how to do the macro thing properly). This is what I have been eating a lot this week. My garden is not producing lots and lots of tomato’s, but what I am picking, just taste sooooo goooood! I can’t believe the difference from what we buy in the shops. I am enjoying picking from the garden, and am encouraged to plant some more vegetables in the autumn.


And after saying that, I realise it is already autumn! Hopefully we have left the HOT of the summer, and at the moment we are enjoying some lovely milder weather. I am spending time in the garden, pruning lots that is heat affected from the summer.

Will be a busy week ahead, getting things ready for another group of Statler ladies, who are coming for another gathering next weekend. I don’t think there will be much quilting happening this week. Really looking forward to next weekend, so better get the shopping list out and think about what i am going to cook for them. It is a long weekend next week, in South Australia and Victoria, and some will be coming on Thursday until Monday. Some of them drive for 7 hours just to get here, so I appreciate that, and we always have a great time.

My Bible readings for the weekend have been from Isaiah, chapter 40, verses 29-31. And they spoke loudly to me…. that He gives strength to the weary….. we will soar like eagles…. those that hope in the Lord, He will renew their strength. I think this all ties in with my word for the year of Balance. I have been working on that, looking ahead, and working out ways to get that balance. And praying about what road ahead I am to take. My mind is full of things that “need to be done”, and trying to fit it all in and have the balance. And being only one person, I just cannot do it all.  Just taking each day at a time is a big help, and trying not to worry about the future, and trusting God for all of that.

That’s about enough from me for today, I shall be back soon and report on retreats coming up at The Sanctuary soon.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, whatever you are doing.

Blessings, From Jude

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jfoster8 said...

I am sorry I will miss out on the retreat Judy.....would you mind writing something up with photos to share on AMQA's blog spot?