Sunday, 2 March 2014

It’s already March


How did it get to be March 2nd already? And another week since a blog post. So this morning is time to do that. I have been intending to do this all week, and will probably do a series of smaller posts today.

This is what I have been up to this week, and in due course I will show the top side of these quilts. It was not until I had them all piled up like this that I realised just why the week had flown by.


I get the daily paper delivered to my front lawn each morning, and there are 5 papers sitting here, still in there plastic wrapper! And I still read them, even when the news might be old, although very quickly. The world could have ended, as I don’t hardy turn on the TV either, but do admit to spending time on the computer, so would have found out I guess!

I spent a lot of time yesterday doing “marketing”, sending out emails to people that may be interested in future retreats coming up at The Sanctuary, and I must have sent that many emails, that I received an email from my ISP telling me I could have computer problems as they detected a lot of activity from my address! I did a scan and nothing sinister came up, so must have been the unusual amount of activity. It’s good to know that they are “on the ball”.

I am again spending time getting my book work up to date. I managed to get the last financial year’s return done over January, and visited my accountant to submit my return. Felt really good, until I realised that because I was so late with that one, that this financial year is already 8 months gone, so now I am trying to catch up again. (The financial year in Australia is July to June. Yesterday I managed to get to end of September, so am getting there, and I know I have said this before, but am determined to keep up with each month from now on. Just send me a gentle reminder won’t you?

Be back with another post later.


From Jude

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