Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Looking above


A few days ago, I  happened to notice the clouds above. Not sure if I have never really looked at the clouds, but these seemed different. The sky was so blue, and the clouds looked so light and fluffy, just like cotton wool floating above, really white, and I am sure that they were much lower than normal. The photos don’t look quite like the real thing was, but I thought they were worth posting anyway. Maybe I need to look up more closely more often.




Life has been so chaotic lately, and I seem to have built up quite a bit of “stuff” in my work area, so today was the day to attack it. Have managed to get quite a lot into the rubbish bin, and filed more where it should go. Still lots to do, but I feel more organised in here for now. I am working in the kitchen now, and sorting things in some of the cupboards. It is a sorry state of affairs when you can’t fit everything in and there is “stuff” all over the place. You know when you go looking in the shelves for something and it is always at the back, and things don’t go back in like they were? Well it is time to do something and I know I will feel better. It has been a weight on my mind.

Tomorrow sees the end of my treatment, and then the healing can begin. I had put off checking some spots on my face for awhile now, and recently saw the specialist. I was quite relieved when she said they were only on the surface at this stage, as I  was having visions of something deeper which would have needed to be cut out. I am so thankful. As the area was quite large, all over the face and nose, I have been using some cream for 3 weeks, twice a day. (The doctor called it a chemotherapy cream.) I have taken some photos, but won’t post them. Suffice to say, the face, both sides, and the nose are very red, with blisters, which are weeping, and now scabs in lots of spots. When I finish with the cream tomorrow, it will dry up and mostly peel off. I have not been going out for awhile now, and thanks to friends for doing some shopping and mail runs for me. Even going outside in the sun makes the face sting. Hope it will look better soon.

Well, I better get back into the kitchen and clean up the mess still on the floor by the cupboard I have cleaned out. I have even written an inventory of all the food stuff, so that I can plan some cooking around what I have. And with the contents of the freezer, I could possibly not go shopping for quite a while longer.

Be back tomorrow with another post, I have another little boy with a birthday. Am also looking forward to the arrival in the mail soon of another blog book, the year 2013. It’s exciting to see it all in print, and is a great record of what’s been happening in my life. Even if no one else reads it, it is my diary. But I know that a lot of you call in, so thanks for coming.

Blessings, From Jude


Furball Farm Quilting said...

My friend had a similar cream Jude, with the same blistering, scabbing..... the positive thing is, it's like an extreme polishing of the skin. Think sandpapering of all of the dry flaky, lumps and bumps..... her skin looks fantastic now!! Fingers crossed you will have the same outcome. Take care, and use the sunscreen.

Susan Smith said...

You poor thing, hope all will soon be better. Hubby just had a nasty one off his leg and we go back today for dressing and pathology report. take care.