Monday, 24 March 2014

My weekend activities….


Once again, it is days since I have posted. Instead of saying how busy life is, I shall just say that my days are filled! It seems that the catch cry of most people is how busy there life is. I am “over” being so busy, and am trying to step back that little bit, to take out just a little bit of stress. It just seems a bit odd, that in these days with so many “labour saving” devices that, instead of life being easier, it is busier. Is that because we are filling that time with more activities?

I had a small class of ladies for the weekend, sewing at my house. Next weekend will be another class, as I don’t have enough room for more than 10 at one time. They are all doing the Embellished quilts class.

Below is what Jean is working on. Our friend Ann, who passed away some time ago, had a few unfinished quilts, and this is one of them. Ann started doing my class, back in about 2008, I think. And Jean is putting her quilt together now. It will have gathered sashing between the blocks.


Helen made her own quilt, in blacks and golds in an earlier class some years back, and is now working on one requested by her daughter, in creams, pinks and greens. Has been a bit of a struggle so far, for Helen, as these colours are right out of her “comfort” zone. But I think she is coming to terms with it now.


Some of the girls, hard at work.


And as I did not have lots of people needing my attention, I was able to work on one of my PHD’s. Some time ago, I read on a friend’s blog about a project her group was working on, called Head for the Border. was where I saw this, and I asked for more information as I thought it would be a good idea for our local group. So thankyou.   It is like a Rounds of Friendship, except you work on your own quilt all the time. So I needed a centre to start, and it was easy to find one in my shelves of unfinished stuff!

Quite a few years ago, I think in about 2005, I did a workshop with Lessa Siegele, called Peppermint Rose. In that weekend I thought I had finished 3 of the rose blocks, out of a total of 12 for the quilt, and had the bits cut for another 1 block. I remember making the decision after that workshop, that I was not going to make 12 of those blocks, but would finish the 4 and add borders to make the quilt, and had purchased extra matching fabrics so that I could do this. So this was to be my centre for this Border project. Dragged it out the box, and this is what I found…… only 2 roses finished, and the pieces for another 2. And only some of the notes for the project were to be found! Was a bit of a puzzle, trying to remember what I had done, and not all of the pieces I needed were there. (Lesson to self…… try to finish the project SOON after you start it!)  And after sewing another rose block together, I remembered just why I had not intended to sew 12 of them!! It was not a “sew in a hurry and get it done quickly” project. But I have now finished 4 roses, and am in the process of sewing them together for my quilt centre.


And as you can see, there is a LOT of pink and green!? I am not sure if I should bring in another colour, and if it is not in the centre, if that would look odd or not. What do you think? And I don’t want the “quilt police” checking out my points, as there is one in particular that I have unpicked “more than once” and it is staying as is!  Maybe the quilter will fix it?


Must be time to head for the shower and start another week. Another quilt on the machine, and a few “Paper Bag Mystery” quilts to prepare. The bookwork is up to the end of February now, and I just need to look at the figures closely and compare with previous years. Am looking forward to some lovely people coming to The Sanctuary on Thursday.

Hope you have a great week, wherever you are. Those in the North are looking forward to spring, as we in the south are enjoying the milder days, before the winter arrives.

Blessings, From Jude


Furball Farm Quilting said...

I can recognise that fabric you are using! (sign of the times isn't it??) Yes, I think I would be in the same boat as you....... lots of projects half done, then stored away in an effort to make the studio look tidy. Only to be totally forgotten, and unable to be finished due to me misplacing half of the notes. Your not on your own in that department!

Sue SA said...

Lovely block Judy, but I think adding cream or a neutral (coffee?) in the next "round" won't look odd, as you will continue using the other fabrics. Mind you I am sure there is a granddaughter or two who would love an all pink/green quilt!

Susan Smith said...

Love those rose blocks Judy and will look forward to seeing what you're doing with them. Take care.

Linda Steele said...

I know what it is like to be too busy, I have taken the next couple of months off teaching and it is so good to be at home sewing.