Sunday, 23 February 2014

Catching up again


Doing a quick blog catch up this morning, before my ladies arrive for another day of classes.

Below are 2 photos of quilts made by Lyn, both quilted with all over designs. The first one using a pattern called “Spring”, and the second quilted with “Pearl Strand”.



And this quilt made by Margaret and quilted all over with “Merrily”.


And the following photos are some of what the girls did in yesterday’s Embellished Quilts class.They all had fun, (some more than others, as one lady had a few machine problems)! It was rather puzzling why her machine was not behaving, until later in the day, when her bobbin case fell out in 3 pieces! This is a well used, and dearly loved machine. Just as well there is no shortage of machines in this house! The house was abuzz with 10 ladies all getting to know each other, and checking out each other’s collection of fabric, laces, and threads etc. It will be exciting to see how the different colour schemes come together. We have navy with gold, cream with pink and green, grey with black and white and a white with a touch of blue. 5 of the ladies are first timers, and the others are all back for more.







I am holding these classes at my house, as I have too much “stuff” to cart to The Sanctuary, but some of the ladies are staying “over the road”. There are several weekends scheduled over the next few months as this is an ongoing project, that covers quite a few lessons. We cover lots of different techniques, using our machines to do a bit more than straight stitch and zig zag, including fabric manipulation, decorative stitching, couching, bobbin work, applique, needle lace, thread painting and lots of other things.

Below are a few photos of quilts that have been done in previous classes. Looking forward to seeing how this group of quilts come together.







This turned out to be a “not so quick” blog post, and thanks for reading if you have come this far. It is now time to finish off and make another cuppa before they all arrive in half an hour.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, whatever you are doing.

Blessings, From Jude


jfoster8 said...

Wow..lots of work in those embellished pieces...lovely

Susan Smith said...

Lovely quilts and it must be interesting seeing all those pieces come together from all the different ladies. Take care.

Barb said...

Talk about inspiration...whohooooooo loved all of the quilts and projects!!