Monday, 2 December 2013

My quilts


Decided it was time for more quilts, been awhile since I posted any, and my travels are over for now.

The following 3 photos are of 3 quilts that I finished just before our exhibition in October. Was a bit of a rush to get them done, but sometimes you just need to work on something of your own. After all, it’s because we were first making our own quilts, that led most of us into quilting for others. And just occasionally I need to feel like finishing one of those PHD’s. There are still quite a few waiting, maybe I need to actually list them, to keep me accountable.

This first one is my New York Beauty, and this is one that I started earlier this year, in a Lessa Siegele workshop with our local group. So must be a record to be started and finished in the one year! The photo was taken straight after I took it out of the bag that it had been folded up in, and you can see the creases.


This was started a few years ago, made for a special little girl, if she likes it. Used the go cutter to cut out all the heart shapes, vliesfix already attached!  Note to self, use the cutter more.


And this is a BOM that I started back in 2003, when I must have had more spare time. I started all the applique by hand blanket stitch, and had about 3 blocks done, and had made up the log cabin blocks. But as my business got busier, and other life events happened, I never sat to do any handwork and the quilt was waiting. An elderly friend moved to Bordertown a few years later, and was looking for some handwork to do. I offered her the applique blocks to do, and planned for her to keep 6 of the blocks, and I would have 6 and we would each have a smaller wall hanging. Great idea, and Ann sat busily finishing the blocks. Unfortunately, not long after, Ann became unwell, and later died. Thus, I “inherited” the blocks back. So, earlier this year, I put the quilt together and it waited in “the pile”. And one Sunday, a few days before our exhibition, I decided to quilt it. I have named it “Ann’s Garden”, in memory of my friend.


Time for work, another week ahead, just realised that it is December! Where did November, and for that matter, the whole year go?

Enjoy your week, whatever you are doing.

Blessings, From Jude


Christina said...

I love all three quilts Judy, however, Anne's Garden is a real treasure. A beautiful quilt filled with special memories of your friend.

jfoster8 said...

I love Annes Garden...a lovely quilt

Susan Smith said...

All so lovely and I remember the star quilt from you working on it at the retreat. Think I'll book for a private retreat to have some lessons on the Statler as I'm sure I'd never be able to do anything like that. Well done and take care.

Sue SA said...

Lovely quilts, all so different, but very special.