Thursday, 19 December 2013

Hot, hot, hot....

I know it's summer and we should expect this, but it has come so suddenly, I'm not ready. But if I am truthful, I will admit I am never ready for HOT summer. The hot weather and I don't really get on very well together.
I have decided that I need to head to the lounge, put my feet up and turn on the aircon. The quilt is not finished, but it will have to wait, hopefully until it is a bit cooler in the early morning. Not quite such a hot one tomorrow, and then much cooler for a few days until Christmas, maybe some rain even??

This is one Christmas job that I acheived this week, with many thanks to some helpers. (Thankyou to Jean, Pat and Mikaela!)
Now it's up to Australia Post to get them delivered to my lovely customers, without who, I would not have a business. Each Christmas I like to tell them how much I appreciate them.
I know I still have lots of quilt photos, but it will have to wait.
I am leaving the studio.
Catch ya, next time, and stay cool if you are down under, and hope you are warm up north.

From Jude
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Sue SA said...

I agree I never look forward to February, but the heat caught us early this year! Mind you its not the daytime I dislike so much with the aircon on, its trying to sleep at night, was still 27C in the house (no air con in bedrooms)so after four days we all have big bags under our eyes! Have a great Christmas and we will see you in 2014 :)