Sunday, 22 December 2013

Coming ready or not

At last I have finished the last quilt before Christmas, and can start my preparations for the big day. "Max" has been switched off, and it is very unusual not to have a quilt on, or at least hanging over the rollers ready to load. I plan to be back at work by next Friday. 

In the meantime I have been baking, and I know it is all sweet stuff, but mostly will be put into containers and given as gifts for Christmas. 

After church today, the Christmas tree was put up, and the decorations hung.
Tomorrow I shall go shopping for some presents, and wrap them to put under the tree.

I have also been cleaning, a longggg overdue task. Sweeping cobwebs outside the house, and cleaning the pergola, are both jobs that have been passed over, with the priority being customer quilts, and looking after The Sanctuary. And one job is leading to another, now that I am looking more closely. So hope to do some windows this week, especially now the weather is a bit cooler for a few days. And I know that as soon as it heats up again, I will wilt. I don't function well in the really hot, but after reading blogs of people in England and the US, I think that ice and snow would be hard to work with too. (Even though snow does look pretty in the pictures!)
Last Thursday's temperatures of around the 44deg mark certainly made the gardens wilt. And throw in high winds as well, and lots of damage done.

From Jude
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keryn said...

Our Millhouse is without a quilt now too, all the customer quilts are done for this year. It feels good to have all those commitments taken care of.

46 degrees here on Wednesday, far too hot for December. Far too hot, full stop.

Hope you have a lovely Christmas, enjoy the time off!

jfoster8 said...

Merry Christmas Judy...enjoy your down time