Wednesday, 11 December 2013

The Pope family gathering

Last week I mentioned that relatives from Queensland have been visiting with my parents. While they were here, a reunion of the family occurred. The first photo is 5 of the remaining 6 brothers and sisters out of the original 10.

Those 10 siblings produced 45 children between them, and this photo is of the 16 who were able to attend. Not too bad, considering that we are spread over a large part of Australia. And out of that 45, there are still 44 living, ranging in age from 42 to 65 years!

At the reunion there were lots of photos, and books of family history which have been compiled over the years. I have not read them all, but brought one home with me for a bit of night time reading.
It has been interesting to reflect on this family, and read their stories. One thing that stands out for me in, is how well everybody has got on with each other, and that they were all friends and enjoyed spending time with each other. Tolerance, and being happy with what you have. Such a contrast to lots of family units where there is arguments and friction.
They have each had their share of problems, and sometimes the going has been tough, they are not living in mansions, and I don't know if any are millionares! But, you would always be made to feel
welcome and did not need an invitation to visit. There are some things
that money just can't buy.
(This also reminds me that I am not so young anymore, and maybe I should start to make some notes on my memories).
It was lovely to catch up with cousins I rarely see, and maybe some of them will be reading my blog now. If so, hello and welcome.
Time to finish,
 From Jude
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