Sunday, 1 July 2018

Retreat report, again!

Another great weekend retreat has just ended, so here are a few photos, in no particular sequence. It is getting close to tablet time, and therefore bed time, so will start on this post now, and we'll see if I finish tonight or tomorrow morning. 
I mentioned in Sunday morning's post that there 4 bloggers here this weekend, and that includes me.
The others, are Dione Joy, and Susan. (If you click on their names, it will take you to their blog page, and you could even read their report of the weekend!?) Susan is a fellow Statler longarmer, and has attended our gatherings here occasionally. She and Joy and I have been reading each others blogs for awhile now. And I "met" Joy through reading the blog of  Chookyblue. Joy lives most of the year overseas, and comes back to Australia for part of the year, and attended her first retreat here last June, after reading about them on my blog. When she booked in again this year, she decided to ask Dione to come, as they had been online friends for awhile now, and had not met. And if I had not been aware that this was their first meeting, you would have thought they had been friends for years! This is an amazing part of the online world that we have today. It breaks down the barriers of distance, and you get to "meet" some new friends.

We usually have some sort of "allocation" process, to determine who gets first pick of a case. This time they had to throw 10 dice for a high score. There is always a lot of laughter during the process. There were 4 "first time" mystery retreaters out of the 10 ladies, so there was lots of getting to know each other. I think they were all very happy with the quilts they picked, and Pat and I love to see our designs turning from a paper picture, into reality and coming to life.

There was not a lot of action in this corner of the room sometimes.

Made to sit nice and flat by being pressed this way.

Pat did not make a mystery quilt, (as they are not really a mystery to her), and this is a quilt that she put the binding on. There will be more photos of this later in the week.

and a queue for the ironing station..............

Someone had a bit of help to trim their half square triangle units to size, and I can tell you there were a LOT of them to do!

This was laid out on the floor and before I could get a pic, it was being taken up!

There were 4 finishes for the weekend, and some close, so I will be waiting for final photos.

Time for some massage for sore shoulders.

We had a show and tell session by Dione, and you need to check out her blog, where you will find a wealth of information and creativity from this very talented lady.

Joy finished her quilt, and started making a baby quilt in the rest of her time.

Marie of Holly Hand Dyes brought some of her fabrics around for the girls to drool over, and successfully tempted a few.

..... and of course we had to have the group photo, this time taken outside, although we did not stay out there too long. We were all cozy inside for the weekend, but there was one who felt it was toooo hot, and spent time outside in the pergola to cool off!

That's all for now, time for bed, and another week starts tomorrow.

Blessings, From Jude


Linda Steele said...

Looks like another successful weekend. I hope your shingles are short lived. I have quite a few friends suffering with them.

Joy from Days Filled With Joy said...

It was soooo much fun! I think we needed another day or three.... 😍 Thanks Judy for another great weekend! xx

Raylene Edwards said...

A beautiful selection of quilts I’m sure the retreaters have enjoyed making. They all look very happy. And... there is still more designs in your head just waiting to go!! 🤗

Susan Smith said...

It was a lovely weekend with some wonderfully talented ladies. Thanks for hosting these special retreats. I've a lot of catching up to do after having no internet over the weekend & will hopefully post some time soon. Take care & have a warm & pleasant week.