Friday, 30 March 2018

My baby is 30 years old!!!!

Today my baby boy, is turning 30 years old!! It makes me realise just how the years are marching by. And now he has his own baby, although she is almost 3 years old, so not such a baby.

I went back over time last night and found a few photos to post, from such a little boy, to now,              a  6 foot4" dad, playing hide and seek under the bed, with Miss Bridie.

 I have collected Raylene from the train, and the girls are in the kitchen having lunch. This afternoon there will be more arrivals, including a couple of special ladies from Phillip Island in Victoria.

I am about to head out the door and travel to the Barossa for a family gathering to celebrate the 30th birthday of my baby,  and the girls at Number 8 will also have a birthday tea to celebrate Pauline's birthday who is here for the weekend.

Will be back to share more of the weekend later.

Blessings, From Jude

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Jean McGee said...

Lovely photos Judy, Bridie is the image of her dad as a toddler. It's lovely to see our children grow into adults and have their own families, we are really blessed. Enjoy he Easter weekend. Love, Jean xx😀😀