Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Messy or not?!

I posted the photo yesterday of my lists, and my table of mystery quilt progress. Pat was in today to help me make some decisions, about border fabrics, and colour choices etc. This resulted in a few more bolts of fabrics being pulled off the shelves, and laid out on all the work surfaces. I did mention that I had another table behind the one in yesterday's photo, so I took another photo today, showing that as well. I said to Pat, that it was a big mess, and looked terrible. But she told me it wasn't a mess, it looked industrious?? What do you think, a mess, or industrious?

And there is another lot on the cutting table, and this photo shows the whole room from the entrance door. If you were a new customer, bringing your quilt, would you be reassured, or dismayed by what you could see? I don't always work in such disarray, but when I am working on the designs, I have a few going at once, and it looks like this. I can't put things away while I am working on the designs, and still making choices. (Should I tell you that there is another room just off this one, with more stuff on the table?) I have another weekend ahead to work on these, and then I will have to tidy it all, and get ready for the Easter retreaters. I am looking forward to catching up with the girls again.

Well, there you have my confession for today, and I look forward to hearing your thoughts. Do you work like this, or are you one of those who can manage for everything to look tidy, and still achieve?

Max has been switched off for the night, and tomorrow I head up the highway to the city again for another appointment, and some travel stuff shopping.

I promised a quilt show, so will be back in a day or so with that. It was lovely this morning to receive a video call from DD3 so that I could see Miss Billie having "tummy time" on the round play mat that I made. This is the good side of modern technology, as I have also had "talk" time with Miss Bridie this week as well.

Blessings, From Jude.


Raylene Edwards said...

I have to go with MESSY! Perhaps if you made neat piles parallel with the edge of the table & colour co-ordinated you could call that industrious!

Dot said...

Not messy Jude, busy! I know because this is what my room looks like... and ask my friends & family, I’m definitely not messy!

Susan Smith said...

It's messy & industrious, but that's because we quilters work like that!!!!! How can we be super tidy? Take care.

Jean McGee said...

There is no such thing as a messy sewing room, if it's too tidy you can never find anything, that's my philosophy anyway. I think it looks like a very busy workplace , definitely industrious.
Love, Jean xx😀