Friday, 23 March 2018

The quilt show

Earlier in the week I seem to remember promising that I would be back in a day or two with some more quilt photos. Well, it seems like I should have said a day or three, as here we are at the end of another week!!

 I have been trying to finish a quilt that has been on the machine all week, and it's not that it is a huge, intense job, but that I have had a lot of interruptions this week, with appointments, meetings, a trip up the highway, and lots of time spent online. Tonight I have finally finished the quilt, so thought I would take the time to post the quilt photos, as my weekend is going to be spent with piles of fabric, and the computer again.

 I need to make an attempt this week to clear that industrious mess in my busy workplace! I thank you for your comments, to make me feel better. But it needs to be cleared, well sort of cleared, or at least more organised, to make room for the Easter retreaters who will arrive at the end of the week.

Meanwhile, on with the show......

First up is a simple little quilt, made by Jenny, with a piece of Toile in the centre, and with simple custom quilting.

A scrappy quilt, also made by Jenny, and I quilted this with a simple block pattern in each "square'.

This is a great way to make an I Spy quilt, with plain fabric borders, and sashed with more picture squares. It must have used up a lot of I spy fabrics.

Mary made this quilt to be used as a raffle quilt for an organisation, and it was custom quilted. I hope it raises lots of funds for a worthy cause.

Helen made this strippy quilt for a friend's birthday, using lots of Australian fabrics. I quilted it with gum leaves in each row, and crosshatched the border.

A week before her granddaughter turned one, Marie realised she did not have a gift organised, so decided on the spur of the moment to make a quilt. It was intended to be a doll's quilt, but she made an error in the measurements of the pattern, and the blocks turned out a bit larger than intended, so it turned into a design opportunity and a little girl's quilt instead. The printed fabric had owls on it, and I had an allover pattern with owls, which suited it well.

One of Prue's daughters has the nickname of Mouse, and Prue found some fabric with cute mice on it, so decided to make her a quilt.

I did not have any allover patterns with mice on them, but there was one called paws. They look a bit large for mice feet, but we decided that maybe they could belong to a cat, who was trying to catch the mice on the quilt!

There are still more quilt photos, but I think they can wait for another day. While I have been writing this post, I became conscious of a background noise, and thought it was the hum of the computer, and then realised as it became louder that it was the sound of rain on the pergola roof!! Shock, and amazement and no wonder I did not work it out sooner. It has been so long since I heard that sound. This is the first time in many years, that we have not had a decent rain over our summer. The country is so dry. So on that note, I will sign off, and head to bed to listen to the rain on the roof, before it stops.

Good night,
Blessings, From Jude


Sue SA said...

Some beautiful quilts, beautifully quilted! I especially enjoyed the kids quilts, as I am working my way through my novelty stash and Heather F just gifted me a box of her I spy collection. Thank you so much for my prize it arrived safely in the mail this week and especially pleased with the block of chocolate...just in time for Easter! Hope you get some time with your new grandbaby over Easter.

Raylene Edwards said...

Another batch of interesting quilts, I like to see the names of the machine quilting patterns that are so appropriate to the designs. 🤗

Jean McGee said...

Lovely quilts again, there are some very talented people around and your quilting compliments the beautiful designs.
Some rain here would be very welcome as well.
Love, Jean 😀😀

Susan Smith said...

Lovely quilting on the many quilts you've done & like you seem to be in a land of catch up with everything at the moment. Yes, yes, we've had rain too, though it is very cold after last weeks temps & as I sit writing this it is finally 8 deg, but the wind is still howling & the rain still coming in intermittent waves, so I drove DGD to work this morning instead of letting her cycle. Not what she thought we had in OZ, was such cool weather. Have a good week & take care.