Monday, 26 March 2018

Counting down

 It is just 3 weeks from early this morning that I will be on that plane, up somewhere in the great blue yonder! I was driving home from the city last week, and looking up into the blue sky, and thinking about travelling "up there". I have flown domestically in Australia, but always had land underneath, somewhere, and thinking about all that great expanse of ocean that would be "down there" ....... well I don't think I better think too much about it, do you??

It all is starting to be "real" now, as I picked up this last week. All the documents from the travel agent.

And today I collected the bundle of US dollars, on the left of the photo. This was my first time seeing them, and I was struck by how colourless they were, compared to our money, on the right. And they are all the same size, so I will need my glasses on to pick the right one.  I guess it is what you get used to, and I won't be too critical, but just saying......

I woke up at 4.30AM today, with lots on my mind. I have that list to work on this week, and hope to get most of it crossed off before Friday. I did manage to stay in bed until 5.30, when I got up and had my brekkie and the first coffee for the day. After my morning devotion time, I got to work with washing, and cleaning etc, as I have guests coming for the weekend. I had started in the kitchen yesterday, by cleaning out the fridge, and the pantry, and I will tell you that a container, that was dated 2014, has now been thrown in the bin! So all this was going through my mind, and I had a lot of phonecalls, emails and computer time to get through today. And of course, there were some quilts to be loaded and quilted. By 8am I decided it was time for my second cuppa for the day. Turn the kettle on, and get my cup, put in the coffee, and .......

whoops, this is not my cup! Do you think I have too much on my mind?

Anyway, I have to report to getting through a lot of jobs today, and crossing heaps from the list. And after tomorrow, when I have my final vaccinations, and get a letter from the doctor about my medicines and scripts, there will be more ticks on that paper!

In between all of that, there was not a lot of quilting, and I only managed to load the backing and wadding during the day. The top was loaded, and the machine turned on about 5pm this afternoon, and the quilt is now finished.

I also achieved a lot on the weekend, and have a few cases of Mystery quilts done, some to be checked, by my faithful checking fairy, and others on the way. I still have a couple more weekends before departure, and a bit of time when I return, so I am not too stressed about that now.

Yesterday was also Palm Sunday, and I attended a lovely service at our church, which was decorated with Palm Leaves. Now it is time to think about the leadup to Good Friday and all that means, followed by the celebration of Easter Sunday. There is always a special sunrise service at the lake on Easter Sunday, which I will attend.

I will end this post with a couple of photos from Melbourne of Miss Billie. First is one of her wearing the little cardigan that her mother wore when she was a baby.

And this one is today, and she is 3 weeks old.

I hope to have some photos of Miss Bridie soon, as I will be visiting them to celebrate a special birthday for her dad. ( There are 3 Miss "B"'s now, as I have 3 granddaughters with names starting with B.)

Time for bed, good night.

Blessings, From Jude


Chookyblue...... said...

OMG not long now it's going to be fabulous..........9 sleeps until Scrub Stitchin'

Sue SA said...

I have been known to boil the kettle three times and forget to make the cuppa! I regularly wake up at ridiculously early hours, (cannot wait for end of daylight savings) but anything before 5 am means I fall asleep in front of the TV by 8.30pm!
We too have three weeks to go before a trip, but not so organised as you with list...just talked about money last night and if we were going to buy some local currency. I also googled what the cost of a meal would be in that country in Aussie dollars (Lonely Planet website) which was helpful to make a vague budget. I am also going to ask the bank what the fees are for using ATM and credit card are while I am away, as my husband assures me it is just cheaper to change cash when we are over there. I am not used to carrying lots of cash around!
Got an extra card and battery for your camera on your list, I am looking forward to your photos! Told Heather I want to go on the next trip she plans ;)

Raylene Edwards said...

All those lists that are getting you prepared for a holiday of a lifetime will leave you to enjoy a fantastic holiday. I’m looking forward to reading your wonderful blogs with lots of photos so I’ll almost be there. ✈️🗽💵

Alison Bacon said...

So, so close now! I think many of us are just as excited as you are!

Anonymous said...

Nice to know I am not the only one who has difficulties with making a coffee ... made one a couple of weeks ago with just water, and didn't notice until I went to add the milk!