Thursday, 15 March 2018

Baby competition winners

Sorry I have taken so long to get around to doing this little task. It has been a week of ticking things off the list, and I feel like I am making progress. Of course, it does help to stay home and not gad about the countryside. The quilting queue has been considerably reduced, mainly of allover quilts, but that has enabled me to do admin stuff while Max has been earning his keep!? I have sorted names for retreats, made lots of phonecalls, emails to overseas contacts, ordered a load of wood and booked the flue cleaner for the heater. Started looking at luggage options, and ordered travel money cards, so things are happening around here.

There were 4 parts to the baby competition, so there are 4 winners, and I have 4 cases of goodies ready to send out. Thanks to all who entered.

 Only one lady guessed the correct date, of the 5th of March, so congratulations to Jean McGee.

The weight of the baby was 3.525, and some of the entries were in pounds and oz, so I had to do a bit of Google search and convert them back. And the closest guess for this was Sue SA, who said 3.5kg. (for us older mums, this translates to just over 7lb 12 oz.)

There were 3 entries with a correct middle name, (which was Carmen), and the name drawn "out of the hat" was Alison Bacon!

7 entries guess that the baby would be a girl, and these names were also put into a draw, and the winner for this was Jean J.

I will be sending these prizes out next week.

This is part of my week's work, all ready for collection. (Some had already gone). Photos of these will be posted soon.

That's it for another day, and right now sleep feels like a good idea. There is a small custom quilt on Max for the morning and then a larger custom to load.

Blessings, from Jude


Raylene Edwards said...

Good to see you have climbed that WALL & are now “Over The Top”. You have been ticking off heaps of TO DO things on your LIST! 🖌🗒

Jean McGee said...

I am a lucky girl, guessing the birth date of the latest arrival . Good that you have caught up a bit with jobs on the list .
Love from Jean 😀😀

Sue SA said...

Oh, that was not really a guess, just the weight that my boys averaged! Thank you!

Alison Bacon said...

Woo Hoo! That was a bit lucky wasn't it?! Nice to see you are getting organised - this trip will be such an awesome experience for you. Thanks for the prize, hold onto it until I'm next in town.