Thursday, 1 February 2018

It's February!!

Where did January go? There is a great lead up to Christmas, and then you think it will be "cruisy" for a few weeks, while everyone is in holiday mode, and all of a sudden it is February, and it hasn't been "cruisy". I have not even been up the highway to the city since mid December, although there was a trip to Melbourne. Not much has happened in the way of quilting, and Max probably thought he had been abandoned. But I did do a lot of decluttering, and sorting of fabric scraps.
And this photo might explain where the rest of my time went in January.........

enough for the February retreat, and a good start for June as well. I have exhausted my supply of the brown cases, and now need to use the smaller purple ones. They are also in limited numbers, so unless I can source some more before the end of the year, it will be back to using paper bags again, as I did in the beginning. The girls love their cases, and use them to store projects in after the retreat.

My checking lady was in on Tuesday to work her way through the cases, checking my calculations, correcting errors in my printouts, and counting every piece of fabric in the bags!!!! A mammoth task indeed. She was in another room, with the door shut, so that I couldn't talk to her! I did keep her supplied with food and drink throughout the day though.

There were a few things to change in the notes, and I did have to cut some more pieces of fabric in a couple of quilts. Hope it's all good now. 

And after sorting all those scraps earlier in the month, I already have a tray of bits again!

And this is where I am up to with the quilt that has been on the machine for ages. Tonight it is done!

Tomorrow I can start on some edge to edge quilting, before starting another custom next week. There will be another trip up the highway on Sunday, which I will tell you about soon. And next weekend there is another journey to Melbourne, this time for a baby shower. I am trying to get myself very organised, as I am expecting to head to Melbourne again, possibly in the next month, as "Bro" is 36 weeks now!!

So the year has started in earnest, with lots marked in the diary already. I can't see that I will be bored any time soon!

Blessings, From Jude


Sue SA said...

A massive job making all those kits up, well done to both you and the checker! Wind the scraps through the Go cutter and chuck the rest in the bin, plenty more where that came from! I will be in Adelaide late this month, but on the bus, sorry I cannot stop for a cuppa. Your welcome here for one though when you do go to Melbourne.

Susan Smith said...

Well done to you and Pat with that many cases. There must be somewhere you can source those pretty little cases. All those quick trips, which aren't a holiday really, I find, & even though we enjoy, it's not like taking a proper break. Shame about that!!! I hope February doesn't fly too fast. Take care.

Raylene Edwards said...

It certainly Full Steam Ahead now. After witnessing the time taken to produce a mystery quilt I am in awe. The designing, cutting, writing instructions & packaging is unbelievable. To have a wonderful Checking Fairy is a blessing. 😇