Wednesday, 14 February 2018

A quilt show and a bit of fun!!

It must be time for another quilt show as I can see a few photos in the file, and it is a good chance for me to try out my little gadget again. Last nights post seemed to work OK so will see how long this one takes to load the photos.

First up is a quilt made by Di, and quilted allover with a pattern called Sweetheart Garden.

Di also made this Drunkards Path quilt, and this also was quilted edge to edge with Stitcherie.

Di has been busy and also made this quilt, and I quilted the Songbirds pattern on this.

 This is Micheles Trellis quilt and was quilted allover with a leaves pattern and now Michele will be stitching applique on the surface.

Heather made this sweet quilt for a baby, and it was quilted allover with Mushrooms.

I took lots of photos of Veronicas quilt after it was quilted, but I must have missed a photo of the whole quilt, but did go back and find one before it was quilted, so you can get the whole picture. This is one I printed out, and doodled all over when I was working out how it was going to talk to me!

Veronica said she liked feathers and otherwise gave me free reign. I think she was pretty happy with how it turned out. This was also hand delivered as she lives in a town which was on our way to Melbourne.

There are still some quilt photos left but will keep them for another day.


I have been thinking for awhile now about it being time for another giveaway, and had been trying to think of a good idea. This morning it came to me, and a phone call to DD3 has given the OK.

I don't know yet what the prize will be, or prizes, but I will find something worthwhile.

I want to know what you think the sex of the baby will be.....
And the name they will call the baby......
And the weight of the baby.....
And the date of the birth!

The due date is March 1st.

Looks like that is 4 questions, so will have 4 prizes, and if there are more than one answer that is right, it will be into the hat for a draw!

DD3 looks forward to reading your answers.

Time to get back to work, a large custom has been loaded this morning, which should fill in my time nicely.

Blessings, From Jude


Raylene Edwards said...

Very pretty quilts with delightful machine quilting patterns, & Veronica’s quilt is spectacular. 1. Girl. 2. Carina (means Little Darling) Carmen Agius. ( Should be prize for each correct name). 3. 7lb. 3ozs. 4. 27-2-18. 🌸

Chookyblue...... said...

Lovely work .....

Jean McGee said...

Lovely quilt photos again Judy. I am guessing the baby will be a boy, will be called Damian, weight! 7llb 6ozs, born on March 5th.
Love, Jean 😀😀

Sue SA said... idea, gender male, weight: 3.5kg, date 4 March.

Joy from Days Filled With Joy said...

Lovely quilts as always - I really like the Sweetheart Garden design - it's so pretty! I'm no good at guessing but will look forward to hearing about the safe arrival!! xx

Alison Bacon said...

1st March (continuing the tradition - some great people have been born on this day!)
Anna Carmen
7lb 8oz