Sunday, 18 February 2018

Sunday morning........

......and all in the house was quiet. The machines were still and only one lady had risen, for an early morning cuppa, to get ready for an early start on her last border.

The sewing room early this morning.

And a picture of where each lady left things last night. This first lady had already finished her first case, and had moved onto another case, and sewed until midnight.

This was where Sue had got to last night. This quilt is one that has already been done, although the colours were more into the pinks. Sues sister Sharon was supposed to have been here for the weekend, but unfortunately she had to cancel due to family illness. Sue has been teasing her all weekend and sending her photos via phone of her progress, and the food that she was missing out on. The quilt that had previously been made by Faye Packham, for a workshop, is in my cupboard, all quilted and bound. This morning I showed Sue, and she took a photo and sent it to Sharon, and told her she had stayed up all night and finished, and even quilted it!!!

And this is being made by Pauline, who had no intentions of doing the retreat, and making another quilt, and is now very happy with her quilt.

And this is Sherrels seat, where there was no fabric or blocks, because she is a day girl and had taken her blocks home last night to press and trim.

I shall be back later with more photos. It is rather exciting to see them all come together.

Time to prepare some lunch, although they should not be too hungry after a yummy brekkie of pancakes, bacon and eggs prepared by Pat. Thankyou Pat.

Blessings, From Jude


Raylene Edwards said...

It’s been Full Steam Ahead I see. Amazing how much can be achieved when there is no home duties to do & tasty meals provided. 😊😊

Alison Bacon said...

Great progress being made, I'm eagerly awaiting the photo of all the finished quilts.

Jean McGee said...

Thanks for the photos of very busy ladies sewing and having fun. Enjoy the weekend. Love, Jean 😀😀