Monday, 26 February 2018

More quilts........

It's either feast or famine around here, meaning, either a post each day for awhile, or nothing for a week! Better get this post from the draft files, or other "things" might happen and it won't get done.

By other things, I am meaning a baby???? Talked to the mother-to-be this afternoon, and nothing to report yet. I think time is hanging heavy on her hands now, and they (and all of us!) are ready for this baby to arrive.

So in the meantime, maybe a quilt show will distract us?

First is Stacked Coins made by Erica. This was quilted allover with a pattern called "Carribean". A very simple design, but very effective. The solid red fabric is a linen, and caused a few "moments" in the piecing, because of the stretch.

This was made by Sherrel, using a charm pack of William Morris fabrics, and quilted allover with "Cilantro".

Di has been busy finishing quilts, and the next 3 were made by her. First one is a Twinkle Little Star panel, with borders, and was quilted allover with "Stars and Loops".

This Japanese Quilt was quilted allover with "Lotus".

Archer's quilt has photos of Archer around the farm, and was quilted edge to edge, (with a trim over the photos), with a Soccer pattern.

I love this log cabin quilt, made by Jenny, and the allover pattern called "Square Spiral" gives it a lovely texture.

Jenny also made this Bedford quilt, which was quilted allover with a pattern called "Streamer".

The colours of this Framed Squares quilt look a bit washed out in this photo. It was quilted with a Ripples pattern.

This was a piece of Paris fabric, that Helen will cut up and make into placemats for her table. Crosshatching was all it needed, as any other pattern would distract from the fabric itself.

This Owl quilt was made by Sam, and was quilted edge to edge with a pattern called "Celestia"".

I think that will do for this post, and I will save the others for a future day. I have spent a good day with Max, and now that my break is over, shall get back to the job again. Might try and do a few evening hours in case I have to go soon (????). There are still a lot of days left on this quilt yet.

Blessings, From Jude


Raylene Edwards said...

I hope Mum To Be is feeling some twinges right now because I’ve guessed Baby Carina will be born tomorrow. Lovely quilt show 😊

Susan Smith said...

Think you've made us all anxious for the wait to be over. Wishing her all the best for the impending day. Thank heavens it's not a leap year! Loved the quilt show. Take care.

Jean McGee said...

The quilts are beautiful, you certainly have been busy. It is an anxious time waiting for a baby to be born but it will happen soon and the wait will be over.
Love, Jean 😍😍