Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Our trip to Melbourne

I better report on last weekend, before another week disappears. DD2 and I headed across the border on Saturday to visit with DD3 and SIL and attend the baby shower, This is the first baby shower that I have ever attended. Seems to be another modern event, although this was a bit different in that it was for families and not just the mums. The weather was much improved on what we have had.
It was a lovely gathering of family and friends which was beautifully decorated and catered for by best friend Tania. There were activities for the children outside, and some competitions for the adults.

The baby received some lovely gifts, some of which you can see below.

DS and DIL also attended and we enjoyed a BBQ the evening we arrived.

Kiki looks as though she is waiting for her share!

This little man enjoyed the childrens corner.

The helium balloons were popular with the children, when they could coax an adult to bring it down.

Tania did an amazing job with setting it all up, including these delicious bikkies.

Even the papparazi were there with the cameras!!

Tania went with the African theme, knowing how DD3 and SIL enjoyed their African holiday.

There were a few competitions and a wishing jar.

 This competition was popular, and it was good to see what faces were picked. Most seem to choose Dans eyes and the mouth of Susanne. It wont be long now until we know!

Some of the family, although DD1 and the hubby of DD2 were unable to attend, and of course minus any of the children. Except the one you can not see yet!

And Dan's family, where you can see that the males out number the females. ( I am hoping for a better balance soon.)

I found this photo in a lovely frame in a bedroom. Do you think the new baby might look like this?? And can you guess who it is??

After a lovely afternoon DD2 and I left for the drive home. This trip was my first to drive through Melbourne, and negotiate the freeways. With the help of Google Maps on my phone telling my what lanes to move into and where to go, I think now I could do it on my own next time. This is another good part of technology, which even warns of a traffic jam and time delay ahead. Just amazing how they do this. A giant leap forward from the old street directories!!

We arrived back here about 11pm Sunday evening, and DD2 departed next morning to drive another 3 hours to her home. Monday it was back to action, and quilts to load on Max. Tomorrow I start getting organised for the arrival of another group for this weekends Pick a Case Mystery retreat.

Be back soon, with an update on recent quilts and more.

Blessings, From Jude


Raylene Edwards said...

Lovely to see family & friends having fun & bringing best wishes to the Parents To Be. The cake was amazingly thoughtful & bikkies & popcorn (good colour choice) that announced Baby Bro about to pop! Good job getting through that Melbourne traffic.😊

Susan Smith said...

Looks like it was a lovely weekend with kind weather. Well done you on driving through Melbourne with all the roadwork going on at the moment. I could have used a few expletive adjectives, but refrained. Think that photo could be you? Enjoy the weekend & take care.

Jean McGee said...

Lively family get together, by the looks of the expectant Mum it won't be long before there is another little person in your family! You did a good job driving through Melbourne, the traffic is much heavier there than in Adelaide.
The cake looked fantastic. I am guessing the baby photo is you.😀😀