Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Aussie Retreat Report

I can't believe that another week has gone, and I am overdue for a blog post. A friend told me yesterday that she had been checking, but there was nothing to read! Usually I look at the photos, to tell me what has happened, but my camera has had a slight "slack attack", and not been out much.

There has been no quilting happening for a couple of weeks now, as I have been trying to get the cases prepared for the Pick a Case Mystery retreat, which is happening in February. It is my plan to write up the one I am working on now, and then turn Max on later today. There are still more to do, but I will have enough done for February. There are 2 more Mystery weekends in June, so will get more done in the next few months for that.

It has been a bit like "revolving" doors here in the last week, as DS and DIL stayed here after the Melbourne trip, and left the next morning. On Wednesday night DD1 and family spent the night, on their way home from Melbourne. It was lovely to see them, and some time was spent looking at photographs from years ago........

......before the luggage was "squeezed" into the boot for their journey home!

And not long after they departed, the first of the Aussie Retreat ladies arrived for another weekend, of chatting, a little sewing, a lot of relaxing, and much laughter. We flew the flags, and ate some Aussie food, and had a lovely time together. I did find a few photos, but seemed to have missed a lot of the happenings. There were some "stayers", and quite a few "day girls", and not everyone was here all at the same time.

Julie's quilt has recently been quilted, and now that she has sewn the binding on, she brought it for "show and tell".

Julie is now making a wall hanging for a friend who has moved to a seaside town.

Val is a cricket fanatic, and made herself comfortable to watch, in between some sewing time.

Erica preparing to embroider names on this album quilt.

Jan's show and tell, which needed some hand sewing done.

The prize I received last October, for one of my quilts, was this Frivols tin with fabric to make a quilt. There was one lady who didn't seem to have a lot to do this weekend, and I wondered if she might like to make this??? We think it will make a good raffle quilt, for the Pink Retreat later in the year.

It does pay to read ALL of the instructions before starting, and this I did not do. I will state that I don't think they are very clear, and I hope what I write is easier to understand than these were. Consequently, there was a "stuff up" with the finished size of the half square triangle units. But all was not lost, and after finding a bit more fabric in my "shop", (?)  the finished quilt will be quite a bit larger than the original!! 

I "found" this on the internet somewhere awhile ago, and printed it off for my notice board. We all thought it was very amusing, and quite accurate..................

 ....................but, maybe they should add a line.... you know you are a quilter, when you are seen clutching bundles of fabric!

And of course we had to have a group photo, but it was too hot to go outside for it. Sorry everyone was not here when it was taken.

The temperature has been up rather high for the last few days, and reached just over 44 deg on Sunday. But it was lovely and cool in my house with the air con going. Yesterday was a bit cooler, but the humidity was up to 70% which is high for here. Last night there was rain, and today is much cooler, and I am almost cold this morning! (But not complaining.)

That's all folks, it's time to finish writing the instructions for another quilt, and then I shall turn Max on to finish the quilt on the frame that has been there for more than 2 weeks!

Blessings, From Jude


Michele Hill said...

What a lovely way to start my day seeing all those wonderful smiling faces......a joy. Thanks Judy....and yes it is a tad chilly this morning.....and we are not complaining either!! Big hugs xx

Raylene Edwards said...

It’s a special treat that when your family visit it’s often a sleepover, & old photos are such fun. Aussie food was delicious especially the PAVLOVA. The lady that didn’t have much to do, wants to know if the raffle quilt can be for 2019?

Jean McGee said...

Brave ladies putting up with the heat, but you all had a lovely time again. I am sure it was cool indoors everyone seemed to be busy, no time to think about the weather! Love, Jean 😀😀

Joy from Days Filled With Joy said...

Another lovely retreat! I am so glad I am not there for the heat.. quite enjoying the temperature here at the moment! Love the printout for your board.. xx

Susan Smith said...

Lovely post and glad to see a good time was had by all. We've been away to Canberra for looking after the two up there for a few days so have a backlog of everything to catch up on, including blog reading. Cooler here now too, which is great for me. Take care.