Saturday, 30 September 2017

The Countdown is on.....

The week has sure gone by fast, and another weekend is here, so time to update you on the newsfromjude before any more time goes by.

This week it was raffle ticket selling day at our local supermarket. This means that our exhibition is coming up very soon, which means I have lots to do in the next 2 1/2 weeks.  I blogged awhile back about the cover we were making to fit over a car to attract attention and advertise the show. Thursday was the first airing of this, and you can see photos below. In hindsight, the cover could have been a bit wider, but it still attracted lots of comments. 

Helen and Jenny were the first on the roster for the day and to set up.

Technically we can't call this a quilt, but a cover, as there is no wadding, only the top quilted to a backing. And it was a good way to use up all the odd blocks that had been donated to the Angels.

Today is the last day of September, which means that there are only 19 more days until the quilts are hung up. I am on track to finish customer quilts for the show, and hope to fit in a couple of mine after that. I have a couple of friends here this weekend to sew, as we are all on a mission to finish quilts, bindings and labels etc. It is a long weekend for South Australia with a public holiday on Monday. And I think that daylight saving starts tomorrow too. 

Following are a few more quilt photos to show you.

First is made by Lyn, and simple custom quilting. She used up lots of fabrics from her stash to make this.

The next 2 quilts were made by Glenda and both quilted allover with a pattern called Peacock.

And another quilt made by Lyn, in the recent Pick a Case Mystery retreat. This was quilted allover with Soft and Sweet.

Prue made a log cabin quilt with houses in the centre of each block. The green fabrics were the garden, and the blue had sky and birds. This was quilted allover with clouds.

Jocelyn started this quilt, many years ago, in the days before rotary cutters, and is pleased it is finally finished. It is quilted allover with Springthing.

Heather made this in a Curved Ruler Workshop, and it is simply custom quilted.

That's all for another day. It's time for bed, ready for another day tomorrow. I feel the "need" to do some housework, and then maybe I might load one of my own quilts????

Blessings, From Jude


Raylene Edwards said...

Car cover looks great. The Flying Doctor will be pleased with the raffle results. Purple Iris look a treat & all from THE STASH! Loved the Log Cabin in a Log Cabin. Jocelyn a quilt is so Old World Charm. Well done. I hope the "Need To Clean " didn't get out of control.

Joy from Days Filled With Joy said...

Love the car covers! So cool! Great cause for the raffle too. Your "simple" custom job on Lyn's quilt is just beautiful xx

Jean McGee said...

The car cover is a great idea and would certainly attract attention. The quilts you have shown us just beautiful as is the quilting. Gives us all inspiration. 😀😀 xx